Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Galentine's Day Cards

If you read my blog last week , I mentioned a wonderful thing that I discovered from an Episode of Parks and Recreation; Galentine's Day. It's a day, usually near Valentine's Day, where Leslie Knope and all her gal friends head out to brunch to eat frittatas and then exchange gifts. She gave out the most awesome mosaics. I'm not that good. But I did decide to make a lovely Galentine's day card for my gal, Beezus5.

How to Make a Galentine's Day Card....
1-Cut up photos from magazines or the Internet of famous dudes that your gal friend is obsessed with.
2-Paste photos onto some construction paper or card stock or better yet a pre-made blank card made of card stock.
3-Write something semi-witty or inspirational on the card.
4-Hand deliver.

B5 also gave me a Galentine's Day card which I thought was pretty awesome. Although she didn't make it herself, this girl on etsy did. I'm loving it. I think the Golden Girls would love a good Galentine's Day celebration.

Also Special Shout out to Mrs. Mo Jung, who from what I can discern sent Beezus5 a lovely Galentine's Day Care package (maybe she didn't know that was what it was when she was sending it but still) straight from Las Vegas featuring such wonderful commodities as Red Bull, Airplane Sized Vodka, a Bayside High T-shirt and Twilight Candies.

So seriously who wants to celebrate Galentine's Day with me next year.... or maybe like this summer?


Salt said...

OMG Estelle card. That rocks!
I love the one that you made. It's nice to have options on Valentine's Day. :)

Shana said...

What a nice idea. I love the cards.

Anonymous said...

So first off, u and beezus are adorable! And secondly, thx for the shout out! MoYoung

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I <3 the Golden Girls in a REAL kind of way. I'm totally in for Galentine's day!

JMJE said...

Mo-I'm pretty sure your last name is actually spelled jung. is that incorrect?
other options for b's card included Dumbledore, eddie vedder, christian bale, and dave matthews

Bonnie said...

I think the galentines day card instructions may have been biased in my favor... not sure if too many other gals out there are obsessed with multiple dudes. There were a lot of options for me. I guess you could also put pictures of babies covered in flowers or whatever tickles your pickle. I think my galentines day card is tops though and i keep it on my desk to remind myself that there are plenty of sexy famous/imaginary dudes that are hot for me. Also that I have great friends. I will be sporting my bayside high tee tomorrow - Thanks Mo! You guys are great!!!

Shannon said...

this galentines card reminds me of the books we used to make each other that were very similar.... i.e. the one i brought to you to show you a few months back- remember? Do you think Parks and rec stole that from me from back in the 10th grade? becuase i totally had those MD and BA pictures... holy moly.... do you know who else's initials are BA?