Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to Make A Personalized Bridal Shower Gift....

1-Buy a plain apron at a craft store (I've seen them in Michaels and Wal-Mart)
2-Figure out the size of your friend.  If your friend is a full head shorter than most of your other friends, then you may not want to go with the one-size fits all apron but maybe instead a junior or kids sized one.  Use your own discretion.  Aprons are for making you look super cute, so you don't want one that is falling off because it's too big.
3-Make up a design/picture that represents your friend and or her celebrity couple name (i.e.: Bennifer, Jam, etc).  Or if your friend's fiance has a name that has to do with a vegetable or fruit then you may want to use that vegetable or fruit in the design.
4-Design a picture that represents your friend on Paint on your computer if you have Windows or if you are cool (I am but not at graphic design) and know about graphic design, use some other sort of high tech program.  You can also add a witty phrase or title.
5-Buy Ink Jet Transfer Paper at a craft store.
6-Follow instructions for the Ink Jet Transfer paper and use your Ink Jet Printer to print out the Image. 
7-Iron it on to the apron, following the instruction on the transfer paper box.

Now for Specifics... I made this apron for my friend, Future Mrs. Acorn, who is getting married in June.  About a year ago on a beach trip we gave Future Mrs. Acorn and her Fiance the couple name, Team A-Corn.  (and side note, it is in NO way related to this)  It totally makes sense if you knew their real names.  Trust me.  So for her apron I designed an a-corn logo using some free clip art I found on the internet and my amazing Paint skills.  I added in a title with her future last name and then printed that on the transfer sheet.  And there you have it, a lovely personalized apron for my friend's bridal shower gift.  I also got her a cookie sheet off her registry.  I don't actually think I've ever seen her bake anything though (and we lived together for over 2 years) so we will see how this goes.
***PS-And on a side note related to aprons.....There is a great apron giveaway over at Building A Kingston Castle if you are also a fan of aprons (like I am).


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've used those transfers before but I never thought about putting them on an apron! It looks cute!

Jenni said...

Great job on the apron. Now that future Mrs. Acorn has it she is going to be baking away for her new husband because that's what a good wife does right?

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I'm always looking for new things to do for bridal showers. I want my gifts to be unique, I guess. This is a really great idea!