Wednesday, July 21, 2010

L Cookies

My husband is having a big week at work.  His company is launching a new machine in stores throughout the country starting this week in NC.  So he has had to get up about 3 hours earlier than normal everyday and do tons of stuff he doesn't normally do for work.  Each day he has to take a cake to the store that's being launched (along with a bunch of other stuff) and I was not super impressed with the grocery store cakes he's been taking.  So I decided I should make him some cookies to go with it.

I had seen this Betty Crocker Cookie Icing in the store that is supposed to harden fast and works great with sugar cookies.  I thought this would be something I could handle on my work from home day (yeah they are still putting my cubicle back together).  So I bought some sugar cookie mix and some of the blue and white icing.  I planned to make some super awesome designs and words.  But when it got down to it, it was a lot easier to do an 'L' which stands for his company as well as the stores where they are launching.  I don't think they look that amazing but he seemed pretty impressed when I showed them to him when he got home last night.  So he will be taking them in today.  People like cookies right?  No matter how much blue icing they have on them.

Have you ever used this Betty Crocker Cookie Icing stuff?  I think Mo used them on some special Bachelorette party cookies one time.  It was pretty easy to use as long as I was doing something simple.
Do you like sugar cookies?
I swear I did not use any smurf's to make these cookies.


Unknown said...

Dude! Your cookies rock! they look professional! sugar cookies are soo the best. When we go to Lowe's foods and Gav picks out his free cookie... the people always try to give him chocolate chip and he's like 'no I want a sugar cookie!" the child doesn't like chocolate. I wish I had that problem lol!

Jenni said...

Beautiful JM just beautiful. B is lucky to have such a devoted wife.

Hutch said...

Those look delicious! I didn't even know they made that kind in the store! When we did the baby shower cookies in Noah's ark theme we made our own frosting with just the basic powdered sugar and milk let one layer harden and then go back and do the next (like spots on the giraffe). This sounds much easier!

Shana said...

You are a great wife. J would have been going in with just the grocery store cake. Because I'm lazy like that. If I don't get to eat the homemade baked goods then I don't make them. I'm selfish too.

I hope B's co-workers and/or customers know how lucky they are.

Mo Young said...

Too cute! You're pretty much a stepford wife - better utilize that bumpit! Very classy. You're clearly the woman behind the man. That's the saying, right? And yes, I did use that frosting on the themed cookies for Acorn's batchelorette. U may recall, they didn't look quite as scrumptious, but they tasted a'ight.

bmellisen said...

Umm, HT makes a wonderful cake. And we are totally getting an awesome cake for Thursday and Friday for when all the big wigs are there. But thanks for the cookies, they were the hit of the customers and coworkers loved them. And when you texted me the pic of them(which was after two of the longest work days I have ever had) it brought a tear to the eye.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh I love love love sugar cookies!!

Salt said...

I haven't used it yet, but I'm going to on the next batch of sugar cookies I made. The last time I made iced ones, I did the icing from scratch and it was a fiasco.

"L" is for Lauren you know. So like...are those cookies for me?