Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Paper Anniversary to Me (and B)!

What is that up there?  Oh that is a delicious Hawaiian cake that I have been binge eating for the last two days in honor of my 1st wedding anniversary.  Did we save the top tier of the cake at our wedding?  No, we ate it.  So I went and bought us a mini cake from the place we got our wedding cake (a bakery named Delicious by the way).  It is delish and probably much better than if we had frozen the top layer last year.

So traditionally the gift for the first year of marriage is paper.  So I got a lot of paper for my first anniversary.  My husband has semi-secretly been making me my gift all week.  He told me to keep my expectations low as Arts and Crafts are not his forte.  We even went to Michael's together to get supplies (although he wouldn't let me see what he was buying).  So what did he make me?  He made me some frames with the readings/poem we had at our wedding and pictures from our wedding?  I liked it.  A lot.  I made the number thing with photos I took of numbers at the beach (I might have stolen this idea from Shanzie.)  That's the day we got married.
We also got some hand made paper wedding cards from L-Fab and Mo Young.  Thanks guys!

And a special shout out to L-Fab for really pulling through and making us a DVD of all the wedding footage she took last year on her video camera.  I didn't even know we had that.  (Mo-it features the push up competition!  Yeah there may or may not have been a push-up competition at the Rehearsal Dinner after party.)

Happy Anniversary B!  Only 59 years to go until we get to the 'Diamond' anniversary.  Can't wait!

So even though my sister mocked how I write questions at the end of my blog a lot I'm still going for it.....
If you are married did you give your husband paper for your first anniversary?
Do you like pineapple cake?  (most people I know are not in to it)
Have you ever witnessed a push-up contest at a Rehearsal Dinner?


Unknown said...

Your sister is jealous of your awesome questions lol! I sometimes totally copy you and have questions at the end of my posts and for real I got the idea from you. It just helps the readers feel involved.
I'm trying to remember my 1st anniversary... we had our cake frozen then vaccum sealed. The frosting tasted like straight lard but the poind cake/lemon curd was good... oh wait I was 4 mos prego so anything tasted good haha.
Yes! I love pineapple cake! Where is Delicious? Your cake is gorgeous! At lowes foods in the bakery section they sell the greatest coconut cake by the slice. You must try it!
Oh! No... I haven't ever given my husband anniversary gifts. Maybe if he gave me a gift id give him one haha.
Your gifts to each other are soo cute! Love them!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've never had a pineapple cake but I love pineapple! Happy Anniversary!

MariahSmile said...

I think the cake sounds awesome, but my fave fruit is definately the pineapple! I put questions at the end of some of my blogs now cause I got the idea from you and some other bloggers who do the same! i like it! I will have to keep in mind that paper is a great 1st ann. gift idea and tell Phil! Happy Anniversary!!!

Jenni said...

Aww B did such a good job. I have definitely witnessed a push up competition at a rehearsal dinner after party. You forgot to mention the contest involved someone sitting on the person's back. I am voting for not having another one at my rehearsal dinner after party.

bmellisen said...

I really enjoy our new tradition of binge eating a pineapple cake every year on our anniversary. And with lowered expectations my gift looks totally awesome. If you had high hopes then I would give it only regular awesome. And why have I been working out if it wasnt in preparation for a pushup contest at Jenni's rehearsal dinner. I can now do 36 with Hobie on my back.

Salt said...

Awwww yay! Happy paper anni to you guys!! I'm not big on pineapple, but that cake looks phenom.

$hanzie said...

number thing with photos- my idea- actually i semi stole it from southern living- but you're welcome.

Mo Young said...

Wow B - I am quite impressed by your arts&craftery - as well as your ability to work out with Hobie. That's quality time. And I have to admit ... I kinda want to see the video of the push up contest!?! I mean, I want to see how I kept it classy whilst sitting on a boy's back.

J&I participated in the paper gifts too! I made him a fortune telling thing (like middle school style) and a foto book, and he got me paper gift certificates. Good times. I am ready for the diamond anni too tho!

And you two really are meant to be as you both like pineapple cake. No thanks, although it is pretty. Have fun with year 2 of marriage!

JMJE said...

So, we did only get the pineapple cake last year for our top layer and then this year b/c we thought most people wouldn't like it. According to the cake guy, people like chocolate.

Shana said...

Happy anniversary.

That cake is so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat. I made a pineapple cake recently for J's mom's Hawaiian themed birthday party. It was delish and everyone loved it.

I like the questions at the end of your posts.

Bonnie said...

Yeah, B did a great job. Way to not slack after getting the girl. And yes, I have eaten pineapple cake...yours. I too am glad you did not save the topper. Yum.

Hutch said...

Sadly, I have to answer no to all of the above questions. 1. Not married 2. pineapple is the ONLY fruit I will not eat, yucky 3. I can only dream of seeing that at a rehearsal dinner. The only competitions I've witnessed have involved drinking and were never good the following day :)

Well done on both the gifts btw!

Anonymous said...

Happy first day of the second year of your marriage!
Yes, I like pineapple cake and have been thinking constantly about that piece you cut for us and forgot to bring---and that after I played with and let your sweet,sweet angel out twice. Oh well, my pleasure.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I personally love the questions at the end:

1. I did not get paper. I think I actually got a necklace. He broke the rules.
2. YES I love pineapple cake and all things pineapple. Actually there is a bakery in Tampa who makes a "hummingbird" cake with pineapple and coconut. YUM.
3. No, but I wish I had.