Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice and The Three Broomsticks aka The Food and Drinks of Harry Potter Land

What did I do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?  Apparently I drank.  And guess what?  None of those drinks above had any alcohol in them.  I found two new things that I love; Pumpkin Juice and Frozen Butter Beer.  And it's a good thing that those drinks are only available in Harry Potter land because I'm guessing that a drink that tastes like frozen candy is not super healthy for you.

Frozen Butter Beer-If you read Harry Potter, you know all about butter beer.  It's served in bottles or at Hogsmeade (the magical wizarding world near Hogwarts) in steaming hot mugs.  However I don't think anything that comes in a steaming mug would be purchased in 90 degree weather in Orlando so I think having frozen butter beer was a great idea.  It tastes like a butterscotch candy milkshake type thing.  And if that description sounds gross, it is not.  It is delicious.  I wasn't even really excited about trying it until I tasted the one B had ordered.  My associate, B, describes it as "Frozen slushy Root Beer/Cream Soda with a butterscotch cream added to the top.  Butterscotch cream consistency is like a thicker whipped cream."  See that mug up there I'm drinking out of?  It was $11.50.  A little steep.  But you can actually get it in regular cup for $4 (or $3 if not frozen) so that's not too bad (you know, for a theme park and all).  I will keep my mug forever though.

Pumpkin Juice-I was also a little suspicious about this beverage but it was also really tasty and refreshing.  B describes it as "Cool apple cider mixed with pumpkin pie.  Hints of cinnamon."  That is pretty accurate.  You know what I don't like though?  I don't like when I'm at a theme park, enjoying a delicious beverage and a woman comes up to me and demands to know how many grams of sugar are in the delicious drink I'm drinking.  I told her.  But still...Woman, I'm on vacation at a theme park, not a health spa.  When I was looking up the grams of sugar I also noticed that it does actually contain juices and pumpkin puree so I'm assuming it's not the worst thing for you (health wise).

The Three Broomsticks-This is a restaurant that is featured in the Harry Potter books.  I was not expecting much from this restaurant.  I mean, it's at a theme park.  I was assuming it would be crowded and just greasy fish and chips.  I was wrong and I realized this when I walked in the door and saw people below me eating.  At this point I was super mad that there were only 2 of us because apparently there was a meal called the "feast for 4" which featured roasted chicken, ribs, fresh veggies, corn, and salad.  And it looked delightful.  They did have other options though such as fish and chips, Shepperd's pie, turkey leg, rotisserie chicken, ribs, and salads plus kid's meal options like mac and cheese. 

Yes, this restaurant was crowded but they did have an amazing system that actually worked really well.  You waited in a line where you could see menus and some of the actual items, then went up to a register, ordered, picked up your food, and then someone would lead you to a table.  It was actually very efficient.
On the other side of the restaurant was a bar (The Hog's Head Pub) featuring all the above drinks plus actual real beer (you know, the kind with alcohol.)  They even have their own draft brew.  Unfortunately the keg was out when we were there.
Now maybe you are wondering, how was I able to drink dessert drinks and eat chicken and ribs all day long without gaining 30 pounds?  We did a lot of walking.  Our hotel was about a mile from the Parks so we walked back and forth each day (and back and forth and back and forth one of the days).  And then we pretty much walked around the parks non stop while we were there.  Here is a photo of me outside of Universal Studio with the hotel in the background.

Come back tomorrow so you can learn about the Harry Potter rides and stores and then later on for everything else we did at Universal Studios.

Have you ever tasted Butter Beer?
What about pumpkin juice?
What's the coolest beverage you've ever tasted?


Unknown said...

I love this post! My sister was in florida this summer and went to harry potter land. She only brought her phone to take pics, then had her friend put her phone in her pocket on one of the rides... well her friend sat on it wrong and broke the entire phone! So I didn't get to see any Harry Potter Land pics :( Thank you so much for this post! I want butter beer and pumpkin juice!

When I was in NYC one time I went to serendipity 3 and had frozen hot chocolate. it was gross. we also ordered chocolate cake and I remember trying to put frosting in the frozen hot chocolate to make it not so sick.

I'm currently obsessed with Teavana. Good thing the closest stores here are at crabtree and south park because I'd be there every day. I love hot tea and this is the BEST and I got all the stuff to brew it at home.

Salt said...

Butterscotch milkshake sounds AMAZING. I'd definitely be able to throw down on one of those.

I would not be a fan of pumpkin juice though.

I want to go to Harry Potter Land and I haven't even read the books or seen the movies.

Rachel said...

when were you there? I was just there last weekend! weird. As if I know you and saw you! lol

Jenni said...

I'm with Salt I haven't read the books or seen the movies but I want to go to Harry Potter Land!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

That sounds amazing! I am SO jealous and can't wait to go. The Butterbeer looks AMAZING and perfect for a preg!

I have to say, my favorite drink at an amusement part is, hands down, the pineapple whip at Disney. HOly moly is that thing tasty. It has pineapple juice and then pineapple whip sorbet on top, so you mix it together and it's yummy deliciousness.

Bonnie said...

You should have slapped that calorie woman. Did the Hogshead have Firewhiskey?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I had the pumpkin juice while I was there and loved it!!!! We got the 4 dollar butter beer because we didn't want to carry around the cup all day. I'm jealous that you got to eat at the restaurant though. The line was just too long the day we were there.

Mo Young said...

Never tasted butter beer, but it kinda reminds me of a buttery nipple. I like that. The pumpkin juice doesn't sound all that great tho ... sorry. Coolest beverage ... I like lots of drinks so it usually is the presentation that puts something into the awesome category. I totally would have purchased the souvenir cup too!