Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I pretty much always make my own Halloween costumes.   Here are some of the most recent. 

This is one of my best costumes.  It wasn't actually for Halloween though.  (It was for a Murder Mystery Party.)
Then there was last year.  I was a witch.  I'd say I've been a witch about 50% of Halloweens.  I like wearing all black without people thinking I'm all dark and goth.

I typically try to go un-sexy for Halloween.  Someone asked me if I was dressed as Sara Palin's pregnant teen in this picture below.  Um, no, I was dressed as a soccer player.
Ok, well this might have had something to do with it.  But still.

And you know I had to have dressed as a character from the Office at least one time; Pam and Michael (circa season 2).  I had white Keds and everything.

Anyways.  This year I decided to go as un-sexy as possible, again.  I purchased an XL orange T-shirt from Michaels and sewed on the Jack-O-Lantern Face.  (It was slightly more difficult than I thought it would be.)  That green thing on my head is supposed to be the top of the pumpkin.  I'm not a "French" pumpkin as my husband kept telling people.  And that pumpkin was my purse for the night.

My husband went as Harry Potter, the college years.  We assumed Harry had cooler glasses once he was in college and didn't wear his robes around all the time.  I drew that scar.

Did you dress up this year for Halloween?

PS-I was going to put up cute pictures of me as a kid in my Halloween costumes but I was too lazy to go get the pics.  My mom made me a wonderful Dorothy costume as well as a nice Minnie Mouse.


Unknown said...

awww I love your halloween through the years recap :)
I dressed up as hello kitty's biggest fan (ok, really it was me as me) at work on friday. then last night I was the exwife cougar. oh wait that's really me as me again... j/k!!!! hahaa I have one pic that I may post, but idk!

Jenni said...

Nice pumpkin costume. You should have stuffed it with paper though to make a plumper pumpkin.

$hanzie said...

i personally found your pumpkin costume a little slutty... yeah i said it, slutty pumpkin. The sluttiest pumpkins ALWAYS wear XL t-shirts and french berets.
Not at all slutty Pebbles Flinstone (aka $hanzie)

sara said...

I'm impressed. I have some little clip on devil horns (they're like barretts) that I usually rock, but little hands made that impossible this year :)

bmellisen said...

We saw someone wearing your Dorothy costune Saturday...I didnt know your mom let someone borrow it.

MariahSmile said...

The witch costume is my old standby as well and what I was this year!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think your costume this year was awesome!

Mo Young said...

I'm with $hanzie ... u should have gone slutty pumpkin ... like on HIMYM! But y'all look quite festive, quite fun. My hubby and I dressed up as Russell & Penny Lane (from Almost Famous). I suck tho and didn't take any pictures ... but some friends very likely (like 99%) did. I need to hunt those down. But happy day after Halloween!

.adri. said...

I was so close to being a pumpkin this year! But I ended up just being a kitty ha ha!


Anonymous said...

very nice pumpkin costume! remember when barkley had a pumpkin costume?

Shana said...

I don't know what's funnier...a French pumpkin or Harry Potter, the college years. Either way...great choices.