Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Stockings aka Things I Bought From Etsy That I Love...

Last year was my first Christmas as a married person and also my first as a dog owner.  So I decided our family needed new Christmas stockings.
I wanted something personalized and unique since we'd just had boring red and green ones the past few years.  So I started perusing Etsy and found the shop, Handmade Pretties.  I fell in love with her stockings made from old sweaters.  Plus it seemed nice that she was recycling old sweaters to make something new.  I placed my order and asked about a smaller stocking for Hobie and she told me about her little paw print stocking.  I was sold.  I loved these last year and I still love them this year.  Plus they are really big.  I did notice though yesterday that both B and Hobie have stuff in their stocking and mine is still empty.  Sadzies.

This shop has already reached it's capacity for stockings this year but if you are in the market for new stocking for next year or a cute sweater skirt, you should check it out.

I also still have a stocking at my mom's house from when I was really little.  It has a picture of a little girl on it.  When my sister was born (9 years after me) my mom managed to find one really similar to the rest of our stockings so they'd all match each other.  B's great Aunt also knitted me a stocking last year since his Grandmother used to do that for everyone in the family before she died.  It was really sweet getting a stocking in the mail from someone I'd never even met.  (I did meet her this past year though.)

So what kind of stockings do you have?
Are they homemade?
Do you get new ones every year or have the same one from your childhood?


Non Sequitur Chica said...

I love that the Etsy store uses old sweaters for the stockings! Very cool.

When I go home to Chicago I have the same stocking every year. This year we are doing Christmas at our new home so my husband and I bought new stockings. :-)

Unknown said...

I looked for stockings at that EXACT etsy shop, omg awesome! I am so thrilled you got them, and they are GORGEOUS! I thought they were a little pricie, but they are massively big so totally worth the cost!

Currently I have a random plaid stocking at my dad/step mom's house I've had forever (not partial to it), my mom has a very long knit stocking she's bringing up to fill for me. and at my house I have like a $ tree stocking I puff-painted w/ my name forever ago (maybe in college?)

so yeah... time for a stockign upgrade!

Hutch said...

Those are super cute! I have two stockings too! My mom handmade all of ours and she uses the one my grandma made her as a kid. My one at home is from Target but it's white and pretty so I like it :)

sara said...

Husband and I have the generic red fuzzy ones, but we just bought a personalized one for Pie that I'm in love with. I need to replace ours to match better now :)

And I have a childhood one at my parent's house...I love seeing them all lined up on their mantle.

Elle said...

Those stockings are awesome--so cute! I just love Etsy...there are so many fun things out there! I can get lost looking on that site forever, and in those moments, I need to hide the credit card or I'd go broke!!

Elle Sees said...

I am a huge Etsy nerd. they have everything

Jenni said...

I love your stockings! I just gave Matt a stocking that matches mine as an early present.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love those! I think they're so cute!