Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making Stuff is Hard....Ebelskivers

The first thing that is hard about making Ebelskivers is pronouncing that word.  I have no idea how to pronounce it.  So let's just go ahead and call them stuffed pancakes, because that is what Ebelskivers are.

On Fristmas Morning (a fake holiday I made to celebrate with my husband back when we used to spend Christmas apart, see Fakesgiving) I decided to do something special and bring out my Stuffed Pancake pan that I got as a wedding gift.  I had only used it once so I decided it was time for round two.  I found this awesome sounding recipe for caramel and apple stuffed pancakes topped with ice cream.  Now, I know eating ice cream for breakfast is probably not that healthy but hey, it was Fristmas.

The recipe sounded easy enough.  I mean you just make caramel out of sugar.  How hard can that be?  Well after the fourth attempt and a burned finger I was about the throw in the towel on the whole stuffed pancake thing.  But I finally made something that resembled caramel so I went with it.  I'm pretty sure it was actually just burnt sugar.  Either way I managed to finish the pancakes.  They tasted kind of weird so I just added extra ice cream to cover up the odd tasting caramel and semi burnt pancakes.  Oh well.  I gave myself an A- for effort.  Next time (in like a year) I will buy pre-made caramel sauce because I think this could actually be really good.

Things started looking up again when we finally got Hobie to wear his cool new hat.
He hated it.  But I did it for his own good.  I mean it was really cold outside.

OK, so have you ever tried to make stuffed pancakes?
Have you ever had breakfast that included ice cream?
Do you know how to make caramel?  (clearly I could use some tips)


bmellisen said...

After watching this, I would agree Ebelskivers are hard. You need the right pan to make caramel apperantly. I thought the pancakes were good, but the apples did taste a little like burnt sugar. But I believe you will succeed with stuffed pancakes, you just need to practice making them more often. And it was a Fristmas miracle that Hobie wore his hat outside. he seemed embaressed about it, and only made it about 400 yards before he wanted it off, but still, we got it on him.

Anonymous said...

Pancakes stuffed with caramel and topped with ice cream?!?
You had me at "breakfast"!
I don't know much about caramel, but my Mom used to make brown sugar fudge (brown sugar and cream) and if she didn't have a candy thermometer (she didn't), she would drop a bit in a cold glass of water and if it formed a "soft ball", then she knew she had boiled it for long enough. I think that might be the same for caramel...

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those sound awesome!! How have I never heard of these before?!?!

Hutch said...

Ice cream for breakfast? You may now be my food biff too!

Caramel is a bitch to make!

Jenni said...

I can't believe B just said your apples tasted like burnt sugar.

Shana said...

Making caramel is really hard. It sounds easy, but it's definitely not. You have to be careful to cook the sugar enough but not burn it. And you will always burn yourself, which hurts like a bitch because the caramel is soooo hot. much easier to buy caramel sauce. Williams Sonoma sells a really nice one.