Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Week-Making Stuff is Fun!?!?! (and maybe romantic)

Apparently my husband thinks I like making stuff.

After making me shower, get dressed, put shoes on, put a coat on, put in earrings, etc., I learned that my Valentine's Date was actually in the living room.  My husband had set up a craft and baking date for me.  We started out by tie-dying t-shirts.  I can't wait for him to wear his purple, red and fuchsia tie dyed shirt out for a night on the town.  I always wanted to tie-dye a shirt when I was a kid but I guess I just never got around to it, so this was pretty exciting.
I know I look 'special' in this picture.

Tie-dyeing is serious stuff that requires gloves.

The worst part was that we had to wait 8 hours before we could unroll the shirts.

Then we moved on to the baking portion of the evening.  My husband had printed out a recipe for cranberry-orange scones and purchased all the necessary ingredients.

It's ok to wear a cupcake apron as long as you have a beer in your hand.

Another great action photo of me and no, I'm not pouring my glass of wine into the batter

He did all the hard stuff.

Hobie was little to no help.

Fin.  These scones were delightful by the way.

In conclusion....
My husband is a fun craft/baking partner. 
Crafting is more fun when you drink wine. 
Baking is harder when you bake after crafting with wine. 
Baking is easier when someone else measures out all the ingredients for you and just tells you what to do.

Good Date, B!  Let's do this again next year.


$hanzie said...

Ummm what do you mean you never got around to tie-dying before? We certainly did in girl scouts- I have found memories of being in that church on Westminster tie dying the heck out of some shirts- I am hurt that you do not hold that memory in your heart apparently as close as I do.
P.s. the scone were awesome.

$hanzie said...

Fond memories... not found. Also, the SCONES were awesome... not scone were awesome(I should proof read before I hit post comment so I look like I know how to speak proper English).

sara said...

That's the most adorable date night ever. I will be making sure to "accidentally" leave this post up for Husband to read!

Anonymous said...

You guys planned such great V-day date nights for eachother!
What a great idea

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

OK, well that's just pretty darn cute. Way to go B! honestly, dates like that are even better than fancy dates.

Shana said...

What a sweet date he set up for you!

And I think Hobie can be of help a tie-dye t-shirt model.

When you write stuff like that about Hobie not being helpful it reminds me of how J always tells the girls to get a job when they start begging for things. Cracks me up every time.

Hutch said...

Well done to the hubs!

Anonymous said...

(1) the two of you are the definition of awesome
(2)the scones were quite delicious
(3) PLEASE let me be there when the BOTH of you rock your shirts for a night on the town.


MariahSmile said...

awww! good job B! btw, i love your Kitchen Aid Mixer in green!

Mo Young said...

Oh my, y'all are seriously adorable! You should have tie-dyed Hobie a cape for his squirrling adventures. Good job B! I like that he made you get all the way dressed and then just took you to the craft/family/exercise/holiday room. I can't wait to see what y'all do next year!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's awesome that you did it together. I bet those shirts look awesome!

Sandra said...

Your husband really really loves you!
And I love all those cheesy (yet adorable!) faces you make in the pics. I can say that because I do the same "AH" smile when people are taking my picture. I think it makes us seem more approachable, don't you? :)