Monday, February 28, 2011

What to Get Your Brother for His Birthday...

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Do you know what the hardest thing ever is?  It's trying to figure out what to give your brother for his birthday.  I mean first of all, he is a guy.  Second of all, he is your brother.  You can't pick out clothes for your brother (well I can't).  You already gave him Modern Family Season 1 for Christmas and you are pretty sure he already has access to the TV shows and movies he wants to watch.  Video games and other technology are expensive and how would you even know what to get.  Plus he lives in another state probably (or sometimes another country) and is not good at giving you his address but even when he does, big things are hard to ship.

Then there was that year you thought you'd come up with a good idea for a gift.  Turns out he did not really want the new TLC CD (the band, not the tv channel) even though it featured the hit single  "Waterfalls" (it's in your head now isn't it?  "Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that ya used to.").   He also apparently did not enjoy the hand stenciled t-shirt you gave him a few years back.   Well at least you never saw him wear it.

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You can take the easy way out and get him a gift card (I'm not going to lie, that's what I usually do).  Or you can just make one of those agreements where you decide not to give each other anything at all (but he's in grad school and jobless for the next few months so you feel like you should be nice).  Or you can just think really hard, in your brain and come up with something pretty good, like I think I did this year.


Yeah even though my Valentine's Day box of food is long gone, I'm still perusing Zingerman's on the daily, plotting my next purchase.  Then it hit me.  My brother likes food.  I'm pretty sure he likes salami.  I think his favorite sandwich is an Italian Sub (that might have salami on it).  And I've definitely seen him eat chunks of cheese straight out of the fridge at my parent's house.  So yeah I'll make him a box of food from Zingerman's.  Score!

And I think he liked it, unless he's just trying to appease me.  He wrote this in an email to my parents "J-M gave me one of the most exciting gifts I have received in quite some time - hard salami, gourmet cheese, gourmet mustard, and an excellent brownie.  Great work." 

Yay, go me!

PS-I'll be back tomorrow with the details on this weekend's birthday scavenger hunt extravaganza.


sara said...

My brother's birthday is tomorrow and I'm in the same boat. I usually default to liquor. Hehehe.

bmellisen said...

As a brother and someone who has recieved the boxed goodness that is Zingermans, I can wholeheartedly agree that this was a good gift. I mean, come on, meat...good, cheese...good, mustard...good, and brownie...a delicious treat to finish it off. Huzzah indeed.

Chicken said...

I never know what to buy a guy, thank you! You've probably just saved me months of planning for my next wedding anniversary.

Bonnie said...

Yeah that is an excellent idea. I may have to resort to this the next time i have to buy a guy a present.

Hutch said...

Well done! Brothers are definitely difficult, I usually get mine clothes but he's easy to clothes shop for.

Mo Young said...

What a lucky brother! I'm sure he's eating it whilst listening to TLC and wearing his made-with-love t-shirt. I may actually steal this gift idea for my bro too.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Boys <3 food big time. Nothing makes my hub happier than going out to eat. I would say a gift box of food OR a gift card to go out to eat :)

Emily said...

Love this! My brothers and I do the no gift thing to make it easier and we are cheap haha. I have the same issue coming up with things for Kris and he and Ken are pretty similar.