Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cake Balls-Part 2: The Successes

And now, the riveting conclusion to Cake Balls-Part 1.............

So the cake ball pops were not a complete failure.  There were just a few bumps a long the way.  We actually ended up with many wonderful and semi-wonderful looking cake pops. 

How we made our cake pops:
2 boxes of cake mix
2 containers of icing
A bunch of Candy Melts from Michael's (we had 5 bags but only used about 3 bags)
Cake Pop sticks (from Michael's)

1-Bake the cakes according to package (very important)
2-Let the cakes cool
3-Crumble the cake into a bowl and add about 3/4 of a can of icing
4-Mix the icing into the cake to form a dough (add more icing if you need it)
5-Roll the dough into little balls and then refrigerate or freeze them so that they are more firm (makes it easier to dip in the melted chocolate)
6-Melt the Candy Melts (or you can use real chocolate, I think Candy Melts (CM) are easier because they harden faster but real chocolate might taste better)
7-Dip a stick in melted CM then dip the stick in a ball and dip the ball back into the CM until it's coated.  Quickly add sprinkles before the CM hardens.  You can also let it harden and then write on it with more melted CM or draw designs on it with melted CM
8-Stick it in styrofoam to fully dry
T constructed a cake stand for us out of styrofoam and ribbon.  We started with the sprinkles and then B5 did an excellent job of writing letters (and drawing creatures) on some of the balls.  Basically the ones that T and B5 made are much prettier than the ones I made.  I also tended to shriek or yell when my cake balls did not turn out as planned.  It got pretty tense up in there (for me, not for other people).
Our biggest success by far was figuring out how to transport the cake ball pop cake from T's apartment (3rd floor by the way) to the bar later that night.  We sat in contemplation for a few minutes when we realized we would need something to put the cake in, in order to move it.  Then T decided to take action and after searching through her storage closest for a few minutes, T pulled out this drawer which ended up being the perfect thing to transport the cake.  (We cleaned and disinfected it before putting the cake in there by the way.)
So I took the cake to my house and then later was in charge of transporting it to the bar.  I was very freaked out the whole way to the bar and sat in the back seat with the cake to make sure it stayed safe.  I also yelled at B for going over speed bumps.
However, we made it and the cake was a success!
I'm not really sure what she was blowing out here as this cake ball
cake had no candles.  However, M seems to think it's hilarious.


Jenni said...

M looks scary for sure. Maybe he is actually crying because Duke lost the basketball game that was on tv? Cake balls were definitely a success because they looked good and more importantly they were delicious!

$hanzie said...

This happened before Duke's loss that night I believe. When people sing happy birthday, you are supposed to blow out your candles when they finish so I just tender- be'd (that was my 4 year old slang for "pretend to be" by the way. Anyway, I tender be'd blowing out candles/ pretended to be blowing out candles for the effect. Thank you again, I HEART CAKE BALLS!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Wow. After yesterday's post I was scared to see what the good cake balls were going to look like- but you guys did a great job! :-)

Unknown said...

What a fun idea! I LOVE the cake stand! I never would have thought to make cake pops into an actual cake.

I've only made those things a couple times and man are they delish.

sara said...

Okay, so it looks like you rallied. Maybe they aren't so scary.

Hutch said...

I never had any doubts they would turn out as awesome as they did!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea - they turned out great!

bmellisen said...

These were a definite improvement in both taste and amount of oil. And you are welcome since my awesome driving skills allowed the cakeball tower to get there in one piece.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those look awesome!!

Anonymous said...

cake balls were very yummy I ate so much my belly hurt!
Mrs. Acorn

Gene Cobb said...

Cake balls were tasty and fun for large group.