Monday, April 4, 2011

Pasta (bread, salad, beer, and handmade craftery) for Breast Cancer!

I signed up for my next 5K!  It's the Komen Race for the Cure which benefits Breast Cancer.  Several people I know have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the past year, including my mom (she is doing well though-thumbs up), so I thought this would be a good one to do.  As the captain of my team, I started receiving tons of emails and even a personalized letter about how important fundraising for this event is.  I am pretty much the worst person at sales and fundraising.  I hate asking people for money.  I sucked at selling Girl Scout Cookies.  When I worked at the salad bar in college, I was always in trouble for not up selling enough fountain beverages as opposed to the free water. Anyways, I decided this was worthwhile, so I decided to have a fundraiser at my house as opposed to just asking for money.

I have been doing some crazy couponing for the past couples months and have managed to stock up hardcore on pasta noodles and spaghetti sauce so I decided that would be a nice cheap meal to make for my friends and then ask for $5-$10 donations for the Race.  I also decided to give away some of the earrings I've made.  I was hoping to raise $100 at the most.  But guess what.....I made over $300.  I was amazed.  When I went to tally up the money there were a bunch of $20s in my jar and some people who couldn't make it sent me checks in the mail.  So, yeah I guess I'm pretty good at fundraising after all.  Plus my sister came with two of her friends from Kollege and they sent me an Edible Arrangement.  It was awesome.  And Beezus5 made a stellar Banana Pudding Pie.  Plus people brought handmade items like headbands and mittens for me to giveaway as door prizes. 

And since this blog is about Making Stuff, here is a quick recipe for dinner parties that's usually a hit.  Buy one of those refrigerated packages of tortellini or ravioli and cook it per the directions.  Then mix it with marinara sauce, top it with cheese and bake it until the cheese is melted.  People like it and it's easy.

I forgot to take a lot of pics but here are a few.

Baked Spaghetti with Pepperoni for the non-vegetarians
before I added the cheese

B and Hobie were in charge of bread and beer.

An Edible Arrangement=Awesome.

Banana Pudding Pie!

Headband door prize.  This is my look after I went running
so I may not be showing the headband in the best light
because it's a pretty awesome headband.  (Yeah I'm
wearing my Bayside High T again; it's my current inspirational
running t-shirt.)

In conclusion, people are nice.  Sometimes I forget that (like when I'm complaining about people chewing too loudly or clipping their nails in meetings).

And if you want to check out my team page or info on the Race for the Cure, you can click that big pink square on the top right of this blog.


Non Sequitur Chica said...

Congrats on your success fundraising! I love doing the Komen Race for the Cure 5Ks. :-)

Jenni said...

Glad it went well! I wish I could have made it.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Ok, that's awesome!! Great job! I might steal this idea for when I start fund raising for our Making Strides walk in October. I'm going to do my first run then. I have been planning on donating but had to wait until Friday for my paycheck ;) I want to honor your Mom for kicking breast cancer's ass, too!!

Hutch said...

I've never thought of putting peperoni on pasta, that's brilliant!

Mo Young said...

Congrats! And as far as your couponing goes, you should prolly try out for Xtreme Couponing. Those ladies are intense! But love the door prizes (cute headband!) and of course love that you're sporting the slightly magical BaysideT.

Anonymous said...

Congrats - what a great cause!

Shana said...

Congrats on your fundraising success. I think that's a great cause and you did a wonderful job on the party.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about that banana pudding pie right now. I'll probably dream about it tonight.

Off to make a donation now...