Friday, September 16, 2011

Half-Full Friday-9/16/11

I've been taking a non-paid blog vacation.
I've actually been working on some crafts but they are for a party I'm throwing for someone later so I can't share them yet.

Half Full Sitches-
I was insanely tired on Wednesday but that was because I stayed up past midnight watching the new SMG (Sarah Michelle Gellar, duh) show, Ringer.  This is positive because....1-New TV is starting up again.  2-SMG is back on TV (your guys watched Buffy, right????).  I was a little iffy on the pilot (and also the giant SMG art in the apartment) but I'm pretty sure I will eventually love it and get to discuss it with Shanzie every week.

I had to drive/walk all over main campus (my building is off campus) on Wednesday (my super sleepy day) to get payroll submitted for a new student employee.  But.....1-I did get it, so her payments won't be delayed (although she will never know about all my hard behind the scenes work and that she almost didn't get paid) and 2-once I came back from campus the whole morning was gone and it was time for my lunch break (time passing fast at work=Win).  So, win, win.

I bought some airplane pants (aka slightly fashionable sweatpants that can be worn on an overnight plane flight).

One of my friends had a new niece born this week while another friend has a new nephew 2 days later. They will probably get married in 28 years.

I learned how to make a really easy frozen key lime pie.

I'm addicted to Zappos.

It's semi cold today (50s).  I heart Fall!

Half Day Friday!!

What's making your Friday, half full?
Did you watch Ringer?


Anonymous said...


nonsequiturchica said...

I DVR'ed Ringer but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. The premise sounds good though.

I just bought airplane pants at the Columbia outlet. I am in LOVE with them!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

HALF DAY? You didn't lead with that? :)

Half's the weekend and my boss is off! Did you happen to watch "up all night" on Tuesday?

Bonnie said...

Crafts for a party hmm? I need something half full about today. its hard to find something positive about working all day on saturday

Jenni said...

I will have to let baby Eliza know that she made your blog. She will be honored to be famous at the mere age of 1 week.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I watched The Ringer too and I really liked it!!! I hope it makes it!

$hanzie said...

i loved Ringer... parts of it were semi ridiculous.... actually many parts were ridiculous but I loved it nonetheless. Also, my Friday was more than half full- I watched an awesome concert in Austin, TX :) But now I am super tired.....