Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evolution of a Baby Shower Invite

When my friend, Beezus5, told me she was pregnant, I was obviously excited for her to have a baby and start a family and stuff but I was pretty much equally as excited about planning a baby shower.  I knew from the start that I wanted to make the invitations.  Somehow.  I'm not a pro, nor do I have any special software.  Also, I've never actually made invitations before.  But after some trial and error I was able to make something that I deemed acceptable and something I think she liked.  I used colored pencils, paper, a scanner, a computer, Microsoft Paint, Picasa, a printer and my trusty paper cutter.

B5 likes the following, green, books, owls and Harry Potter, so I tried to incorporate those into the invite (which also goes with the theme of the shower which we can discuss later).  She also likes Christian Bale, Pearl Jam and Liver Pudding but I didn't really know how to work those in.

I started by trying to 'draw' something in Microsoft Paint.  I didn't really like those that much.

Then I made a sketch and scanned it onto my computer.  This seemed like something I could work with.  The sketches started out very rough and evolved over time.

Finally I used colored pencils to draw this.
Then I scanned it on to my computer and saved it in the highest resolution I could.  I opened it up in Picasa and added text with all the shower info.  I printed it out (using the high quality photo setting) onto card stock from Michaels and trimmed them up with my paper cutter.

And here's the final product (ok I altered the text a bit).
And here's a picture of it on my fridge so I remember to go and stuff.

What do you think?
Should I have used pastel colors to be more babyshowerriffic?
Have you ever made your own invitations?
Would you read 'Hedwig Flies Again' if it were a real book?


Hutch said...

Well done! I've made a TON of invitations for various events, but I've never drawn anything. I'm super impressed.

Jenni said...

Pastels are so out for baby showers, you did well with the bright and bold colors.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and I especially appreciate you blocking out my address when you posted it! Seriously you did a great job!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Nope -- it's PERFECT. Great job! I love it. You are talented!!

Bonnie said...

I lOOOved the invite. the colors are my favorites! And the HP reference, even if only a few people understand it, was awesome. Thanks JM. Looking forward to this AJJ event.

Shana said...

Wow - great job. It turned out really cute.