Monday, March 22, 2010

Danger! Garlic Overload.

So my husband goes out of town a few times a month for work and when he goes out I like to experiment with food. So the other night I decided to try to make some garlic salad dressing because I had some that was really good at a party I went to. I think I may have slightly overdone it with the garlic but it was still pretty good. Tangy. Maybe a little too tangy. But still. Tangy. So if you are brave and if you are home alone you might want to try this. You will probably smell like garlic for hours though so seriously wait until your husband, boyfriend, roommate or special friend goes out of town. If you live alone, you are good to go. Garlic is good for you, right?

Super Garlicky Salad Dressing (makes about 4 servings)
1 clove garlic
1 squirt mustard
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
2 teaspoons sugar
a little salt
Wisk it all together and toss with your favorite Salad ingredients.
I also decided that for some reason radishes would be amazing in a salad. They were ok. I think I like them better when they are sliced super thin. The mushrooms and peas were good on the salad though. Frozen peas are my friend. I like to add them into all sorts of stuff. Regular Salad, Pasta Salad, Curry Dishes, Pastas, etc.

So do you like to get crazy when your roommate/boyfriend/husband is out of town?
What do you do?
How do you feel about garlic? Radishes?


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love eating garlic bread! When I know I'm not going to be around anyone, I eat it like no tomorrow!

Shana said...

When J isn't home I watch horrendous TV that he wouldn't approve of - much like Curly J, you will find things like 16 and Pregnant. Jersey Shore, Charm School, Tool Academy, Hoarders - these are my other favorites.

Jenni said...

Other than watching really bad tv and running around the kitchen table when I do my Wii Active Sports workout I also enjoy taking up the whole driveway with my car. Fitting 2 cars in that driveway is just too cramped!

Garlic is good, radishes are just kind of there, very boring.

Bonnie said...

This is why living alone can sometimes be a good thing. I don't have to be respectful of anyone's needs except my own, and when i offend myself, which sometimes happens, you know it must be pretty bad. Many smelly things are good for you, garlic, fish, asparagus, anchovy pizza (it does have omega 3's). I dont hesitate to eat them in excess.

Salt said...

Danger DELICIOUS overload. Garlic is my favorite thing, whether my husband likes it or not.

There is this fab restaurant in LA that I used to love eating at called The Stinking Rose. Garlic is EVERYTHING. It was so delicious and no one needed to be within a three block radius after I was done eating there. :)

MariahSmile said...

Unfortunately I am away from my fiancee most of the time! On the upside I get more and more comfortable in the kitchen so I can make us some tastey meals! Oh, and I use garlic in almost everything!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Um -- YUM. Like big time yum. I need to try that immediately.

I totally experiment with food when my hub is gone. He hates all the things I love, like yummy Asian food, so I stir fry up a storm when he's not around. Or I can eat cheerios for dinner. Or a salad. My options are endless, but when he's around it's always meat and potatoes.

I love garlic more than the average bear, btw.

Valen said...

Looks great! I can eat as much garlic as I want since I live alone.

Tango K said...

I eat garlic in everything- I say fugettabout it if they don't like it! :=)