Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh Yeah, How To Actually Throw the Murder Mystery Party

So I showed you how to decorate and I showed you how to make a costume but I didn't actually show you how to throw the murder mystery party. My husband volunteered to be in charge since he had actually been to one of these before. We got our party from this website. But I think there are other ones like it out there.

How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party

2-Send out an Evite to approximately 10-20 people stating that there will be a murder mystery party and that you need to know if they can come before assigning roles. Give the date and time and link to a website about murder mysteries.
3-Quickly re-send the evite when you realized you listed the wrong date for the party.
4-Send the invitees updates three to four times a day with things that you forgot to put on the original evite and then demand that they RSVP by a certain date.
5-Be sure to mention that if they RSVP and then do not show, they will be dead to you.
6-Have your husband (who is in charge of the murder mystery party) assign roles. Try to determine which of your girl friends will be the least likely to get mad at you for assigning them a male part due to the fact that 10 girls want to participate and only 4 guys.
7-Husband or leader emails the info on roles to everyone so that they have about a week to work on costumes.
8-Husband does a bunch of secret stuff involving secret files, lots of printed paper, sticky notes, etc. He finds it hilarious when your friends refuse to tell you their characters b/c he told them not to tell anyone, specifically you.
9-Work on Costumes and Decor
10-Have everyone agree to bring food or booze.
11-Have the party. The leader will have everything in the packet necessary to throw the party. Essentially when the guests get there they will be given a packet telling them how to act. One person will have a packet that says that they get murdered. Then mingling and eating happens. THEN THERE IS A MURDER! Everyone gets a second packet telling them how to act. One person is given a packet that says they are the murderer. More mingling and evidence is presented and then everyone guesses who the murderer is and votes on best dressed and best acting. Murderer is revealed and taken away, preferably in cuffs. Prizes are given. And then everyone eats, drinks and smokes cigars. Cigars are optional.

According to our un-scientific word of mouth poll, everyone had a great time and we'll proably do this again. Should we go cruise, western, pirate or Vegas theme next time?


Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

PIRATE!! Do a pirate themed party! The costumes will be amazing!

I'm really impressed with this! seriously, I can't even get people to come over to my house for a regular party.

JMJE said...

The key to getting people to come to the party is to talk it up for like month before you actually start planning. Oh and have mulitple hosts so there's more people to invite. I also threatened people who tend to say they will come to parties but never show.

Chicken said...

I'm with Amanda! Pirate party, mostly because I want to see photos of that! Plus you get to say "booty" without it being crude :)

Jenni said...

I think you should also watch the Golden Girls Murder Mystery Weekend

I really enjoyed getting evites for this party 10 times a day.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Western!!! The costumes would be great! Oh my gosh, I love that saved by the bell episode!

$hanzie said...

my favorite part of this was when you send out multiple evites/emails- some saying the party is on the wrong day- someone having just weird random stuff- it's awesome and adds to the air of mystery.

JMJE said...

Being in charge of the evite is definitely the hardest but most important job. Also I think Pirates would be great. I'm gonna go ahead and start sewing a parrot for my shoulder.

Salt said...

Haha thank you! This was the one important part that was not addressed before. :)

I love that picture!

MariahSmile said...

That Saved by the Bell episode is definately one of my faves! Hilarious! I also say pirate cause if it was me, I'd be cracking up the entire time with the way people would be talking.