Sunday, March 14, 2010

Miss Cindy Butt-Cigarette Girl Extraordinaire

Well the Murder Mystery Party happened last night and it was awesome. I'm going to do a couple posts about how we made it happen but first I'd like to talk about my proudest achievement... my costume. I was assigned the character of Cindy Butt-Cigarette Girl Extraordinaire. I found these costumes online. But you know I like making stuff. So I thought I'd give it a shot. First off I went shopping at Target where I found a ruffly skirt in the teen department. I decided that I'd make shirt to go with it so I bought some ribbon, fabric and fringe and just sort of started sewing stuff together with no real plan. I ended up with a fairly simple idea. Here is my diagram of what I did.

The top is a long rectangle of silky fabric that goes all the way around my body (plus extra). I sewed two pieces of ribbon to the top to make halter straps that tie around my neck and two other pieces of ribbon to the sides that would tie in the back. The second picture is how it would look tied. I sewed fringe (the gray stuff) all across the top of the shirt to the bottom. But only on the front.

I wore the shirt and skirt together and added a blazer I had from the Gap. Since I was a cigarette sales rep at the Juice Joint, I thought I should look a little professional. I added black hose and some high heels and then the thing that I think really finished off the costume....The black wig. I ordered this wig online last week and it ended up being perfect. I added some bright red lipstick and black eyeliner. Then of course I had to have a cigarette box. I bought a basket on sale from Michael's and added candy cigarettes and some cigars my husband coerced me in to buying and then tied a ribbon on both sides so I could put it around my neck. Then I added some left over fringe from my shirt to some earrings for a finishing touch. The glue was still drying as we drove to the party.

And ladies and gentleman here it is...the finished product. Miss. Cindy Butt...who as it turned out is actually not that nice of a person or such a great saleswoman.

Uh, and yeah, guess who tied for the best costume prize? Thats right Miss Cindy Butt (who tied with Curly T's amazing rendition of a female Chief of Police). This is perhaps one of my greatest achievements in crafting thus far. I'd like to thank my husband for his unwavering support and Hobie for only running across the fabric like 7 times while I was sewing it.

But honestly everyone did an amazing job with their costumes. I had no idea that people would go all out for this but they did and it was awesome. Special shout outs to Beezus5 who cross-dressed for us as Mayor Biggs due to our lack of dude participation, B for his organizational, leadership and printing skills, and $hanzie for power hostessing.
Cindy and Private Investigator Pinkerton. I think they may actually end up together after everyone gets over the whole Murder situation.

Do you like my costume? Should I dye my hair black and get a bob cut? Do you think the PI and the Cigarette girl will end up together in the end?
Tomorrow I'll get with $hanzie and Curly T on how you turn a regular home in to a Juice Joint!


Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

WOW. Great job girl! You look fab!

Chicken said...

Looks so fun! Your costume is awesome!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow that outfit turned out great!

Bonnie said...

I think this shows you can go for a more exotic hair-do. Go for it.. Cindy Butts was hot.

$hanzie said...

I was beyond impressed with your costume as I was with Beezus 5's costume, Curly T's costume, Kitty Cocktail and Cy Ramsey's costume- all amazing! seriously, let's do it again.

JMJE said...

I might have to get bangs again. I'm not so sure about jet black hair though. So next up we need to do Vegas, Western, Billionaire or 80s.

bmellisen said...

yes, I liked it when you had bangs. And this time you dont need to always keep them pulled back. Also, after seeing my picture i have decided to start growing out my handlebar mustache. Also, i am pretty sure I can re-use my same costume in both Vegas and Western with only a change of hats.

Salt said...

I LOVE your costume and a huge yes on the bangs. I think they looked great! I would advise against jet black hair though. I did that once and it's pretty much impossible to get rid of if you want to change it. (I had to let mine grow all the way out.)

Murder mystery parties are suddenly all the rage! Some people I know threw one a few weeks back. We were still on our honeymoon, but we saw the pictures and it looked like quite a bit of fun!

Anonymous said...

Too much fun!!!! Can I be your friend?

Brittany said...

How fun! I've been wanting to a Murder Mystery party and now you've got me feeling really inspired. Awesome job on the costume!