Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST Finale Day = Lost Cookout

My Lost cookout featured....
Locke's Boar Sliders.....
Shanzie and I went Boar hunting on Saturday but came up empty handed so I went ahead and just bought some BBQ
Pork BBQ purchased from your local BBQ establishment (this is pretty easy if you live in NC)
BBQ slaw purchased from the same establishment
Mini Buns (dinner rolls)
Put them together. Delish
Jin's Foil Fish
Jin was the resident island fisherman for the first few season on Lost. And although Beezus5 has become quite the fisher woman recently we went ahead and bought fish at the grocery store.  This is B's specialty.
Vegetables (Onions, Peppers whatever you like)
Italian Salad Dressing
Slice of Lemon
Minced Garlic
Mix the food together and wrap it in a foil.  Seal foil at the top and grill on medium high heat for approximately 15 minutes or until fish is done and vegetables are a little tender.

I was gonna have Kate's Island Fruit Ice Cream but instead decided to go with ...
Sawyer's "You Taste Like Strawberries" Strawberry Shortcakes
Angel Food Cake
Cool Whip
You know how to make strawberry shortcake. 
Plus Shanzie made a Margarita dipping sauce out of whipping cream, cream cheese, sour cream, tequila, lime juice, orange juice, sugar.

I'm setting this to post tonight but I'll probably update later with my feelings on the Finale!  I'm getting very nervous.
My favorite things about last night's Lost.....
-Rose and Bernard got Desmond out of the well
-Those awesome Target Commercials
-Richard "guyliner" Alpert's gray hair
-Juliette! doing the sonogram
-Jack's big leap to attack Flocke right before the commercial break
-When Jack and Kate declared their love on the cliff
-Hurley becoming the new Jacob and asking Ben to be his #2
-In my head Hurley and Ben got Desmond back to Penny so that better be true
-Juliette and Sawyer remembering each other at the Candy Machine
-Kate convincing Claire to get on the plane so she could raise Aaron
-Ben and Locke's convo before Lock walked in to the church
-Jack smiling as he saw the plane above him leaving the island
-Jack saving the island and dying
-The ending church scene where everyone looked so happy

I'm sure there's other stuff I'm forgetting.  I am a little mad that Walt was not mentioned and that Walt and Michael were not at the church.  Overal I enjoyed the finale.  I'm still confused about some stuff but sort of excited that it wasn't cut and dry and that I can go on discussing it and rewatching episodes with B, Shanzie and Beezus5 for years to come.


Jenni said...

Thanks for the strawberry shortcake last night it was delish!

Salt said...

You throw excellent parties!
I hope that the big finale lived up to your expectations!

$hanzie said...

I also loved that Vincent lived and stayed by Jack in the end. (I loved all the things you mentioned already too)

Hutch said...

I'm sadhappy right now about the finale! I definitely cried with every realization starting with Jin and Sun, ugh. I heard Walt wasn't brought back because he's now 18 and gigantically tall and past puberty. Apparently everyone is supposed to stay as Jack remembered them and they couldn't do that with Walt.

bmellisen said...

There was a lot of good stuff in the finale last night, I need to watch it again to really get it all. I was glad that Jack seemed happy at the end.

Shana said...

I can't read this for fear of spoilers, but I'll be back tomorrow after I've watched with my thoughts :-)

Brooke said...

Your LOST BBQ looks so awesome! I thought last night was great. I lost it when Vincent laid down with Jack and when Sawyer and Juliet remembered each other. They couldn't have answered all the questions, but left it in a place where us fans can be content, I think.

Shana said...

Ok - I finally watched it. I have to say that James and Juliet meeting at the hospital was by far my favorite part - I just love those two. It was fantastic...loved the way it ended. I now want to go back and re-watch the entire series from the beginning without the year long stretches in the middle.

Your spread looks awesome BTW.

Anonymous said...

love this!! I am wary on reading all the comments because I haven't caught up on this season and I don't want to ruin anything....I am sad though that it's over, but happy that you did such a great job commemorating it!