Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vegas Craftery and Bake-ery (by Mo Young)

Ok, I'm a little too tired from my trip for a full write up but here are some photos of the things we made for the bachelorette party.
We picked up the Bride-to-Be (Miss Acorn) at the airport in this nicely decorated car. (Thanks to Mo's Husband for letting us decorate/borrow his car.)

Mo picked up items for the Breakfast Spread featuring Miss ACorn's favorites; Entenmann's Raspberry Danishes, a cheese tray and Dr. Pepper.

Matching T-Shirts!

Mo Young also picked up these awesome cupcakes (after a red velvet cake making mishap) and then she made the cupcake topper!

Mo also made us each a personalized cup. Plus that's our hotel room view which was awesome.

We didn't wear matching T-shirts the whole time.

We had an awesome time and I'll share some more later on in the week.


Salt said...

You guys are so cute! That looks like the most creative bachelorette I've ever seen. And your view was AMAZING! (Love the personalized cups too!)

Jenni said...

Amazing weekend! I just need some major sleep now to recover. And I guess I need to steer clear of Red Bull for a while...

Unknown said...

omg amazing! Did you stay at the bellagio??? Did you see thunder from down under? gorgeous cupcakes! I can't wait to read more details, this trip looks like the most fun ever!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! Glad you had an awesome time! I'm so jealous you were in Vegas. I love love love that place.

bmellisen said...

I really like the fact that you are wearing the same exact pair of soccer shorts you were wearing when you first met Amanda in elementary school(third picture down).