Monday, June 14, 2010

Bridesmaid Jewelry

So I finally got my big break as a jewelry designer when my friend Ms. Acorn asked me to make bridesmaid jewelry for her wedding this weekend.  I sent her several photos via email and she decided she wanted something pretty simple. 
So I present to of me modeling the bridesmaid jewelry...

What?  He wanted to be in the picture.

I am also practicing my breathing.  The dress in my size came with normal sized stomach area and giant size boobage area.  So I had to get this taken in.  The alteration lady told me if I was not going to wear straps then she would have to make it tight.  Apparently that meant tight in the area where oxygen flows to my lungs cause I'm having a bit of trouble breathing normally.  I'll work on in though.  I'm also practicing walking around in my new silver heels.

Ok so here's some close ups of the jewelry.  I used some crystal beads, silver beads, and sterling silver ear wires and chains to make these.

So I hope the other Bridesmaids like them or at least pretend to. 

Also in Hair news, I have purchased a new gadget and am practicing with it this week to see if I can make a low loose bun for the wedding.  My backup plan is a hot ponytail.  Has anyone ever used the Goody Simply Style Spin Pin?  I kept seeing commercials on TV so I decided to go ahead and pick one up.

I'm super exciting about the wedding this weekend!  Go Team A-Corn.

Do you think my bridesmaid jewelry is acceptable?
Or do you think the jewelry will ruin the wedding?
Should I take Hobie as my date because we look so good together or should I let B come with me?
Do you like weddings?


Jenni said...

I think you should also buy the Pony Tail Poof Gadget just in case the Spin Pin doesn't work.

Unknown said...

Ooh I think the jewelry is sooo pretty! I especially like the necklace. It's really elegant and I think will be perfect for a wedding!

I have seen the Goody Simply Style Spin Pin commercials a zillion times too! Get is and do a review... because I don't know if I need it or not. It says it 'does the work of 20 bobby pins' but I think I could probably make a bun and stick like 5 bobby pins in there and be okay. Who really needs 20 bobby pins?

Salt said...

The jewelry looks phenom! I think they are going to love it. Very classy and tasteful. :)

Or the wedding might explode when you wear it, but probably not.

Hobie is awfully cute, so that's a toss up. He looks like a stuffed toy there.

bmellisen said...

I am hurt. I will now go watch Wedding Crashers to figure out a way into this wedding. I am thinking owner of a Vermont maple syrup conglomerate.

Anonymous said...

So...I think the jewelry will MAKE the wedding! Well that and Mr. And Mrs. Acorn r awesome :) and I think Hobie could go as a chaperone. U should make his colar all blinged out! And of course I love weddings! Toasts...not as much tho;) can't wait to see the jewelry in person.

Anonymous said...

Oh, u should get a tipsy tail maker just in case u can't control ur two pounds of hair.

JMJE said...

Oddly enough my hair is so thick that I don't know that the Spin Pins will hold it all. Might have to add in some extra bobby pins. Good Times.

shana said...

The jewelry is beautiful. Simple and elegant. And your dress will stretch out a little during the wedding. By the end of cocktails you should be able to breathe again.

Bonnie said...

looking forward to wearing the jewelry. My dress is also excessively tight. Just avoid bread at the wedding, i think that will help. If my hair looks hideous please just tell me ive never looked lovelier. I will do the same for you.

MariahSmile said...

Your jewelry is beautiful! Wish I was a bridesmaid in that wedding!

Hutch said...

I love this! Perfect for a wedding