Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mini Greek Pita Pizzas

I had some hummus left over from the wine fest/picnic that I went to this weekend so I decided to make something Greek/Mediterranean themed out of it. I like the idea of combining cultures to make a new dish. Instead of having a traditional Italian themed pizza with mozzarella and tomatoes I made Greek Pizza with Hummus, Feta, and Greek Salad on it.

I saw these mini pita pockets and the grocery store and knew I had to try them. I love mini stuff.

Mini Greek Pita Pizza's
Mini Pitas or Regular Sized Pitas
Olive Oil
Pre-made Hummus (or you can make your own)
Lettuce-of your choice (I used baby romaine leaves)
Red Onion
Feta Cheese

-Split pitas in half and drizzle a little olive oil on them. Toast them at 400 degree F for about 10 minutes. Just watch them to make sure they don't burn.
-Let them cool for a couple minutes and then top them with hummus. I had five pepper fire roasted hummus. It was really good. Also spicy.
-Make a Greek salad with the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion and feta cheese. You can add those Greek Olives if you have to or any other vegetable you want.
-Toss salad with your choice of Greek Dressing. I used Girard's Greek Feta Dressing.
-Top Toasted Pita's with some Greek Salad.

Do you like Greek Food?
What is your favorite non-traditional Pizza?


Brittany said...

This looks amazing! Greek food is super yummy - I love me some gyros. Hummus is one of my all time favorite foods, so I'm super excited to make these!

Salt said...

I love mini stuff too and those are adorable! Mmmm hummus....

Hutch said...

This looks delish! Greek is one of my fave foods during the summer because it's so light, but still filling. YUM

Jenni said...

I love Greek too! I wish falafel was healthy but in that case it wouldn't be fried and then it probably wouldn't be good.

bmellisen said...

Loved them. They kind of reminded me of a greek version of bruschetta. Maybe thats what they should be called.

Shana said...

Those look great. I'm a huge fan of hummus. I have to look for the mini pitas at the store this week. So cute.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Oh yummy! I love mini stuff, too. This looks very tasty and relatively healthy, too.

JMJE said...

B-you are a genius. This is more bruschetta-y than pizza-y. But now I want to make a tomato and feta greek bruschetta. That rhymes.

Kayleigh said...

yummmm this looks delicious!