Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Stuff is Fun....Old School Edition

And by Old School, I mean the tenth grade.  The other day when I went to visit L-Fab after her toe surgery at my parent's house, something dreadful happened.  My mom forced me to take a bunch of stuff from my old bedroom to my house.  I have been avoiding this for years.  But she wouldn't let me leave without taking several boxes of stuff and my two guitars.  (That's right, I have 2 guitars and know approximately 2 chords on the guitar.  I really tried to learn multiple times in college, it just didn't take.)  However, I found some wonderful stuff in these collages, books and of course the best tenth grade art work.

So here we have two wonderful pieces from Art 2, aka tenth grade art circa 1996...
Ok so this is a picture of my parent's house.  Why is it blue and purple?  My parent's house is not blue and purple.  I guess we were supposed to use some weird color scheme and I picked the one that involved blue, green and purple (cool colors??? IDK).  I mean I do love purple but this is just a little strange looking.  But look up there above the garage...that's my old bedroom. 

This next picture is a real winner.  It is my version of a butterfly........
...featuring an actual stick of butter with butterfly wings.  Deep right?  Yeah I'm not so sure.  But I do remember thinking this picture was super cool.  I like the wings and the amazing background that gets darker and darker as you go up.

So those were pretty much  my two masterpieces of the year.  I didn't take any formal art classes after that in school.  There was no time with yearbook, typing and calculus and stuff.

So what do you think of my wonderful tenth grade art work?
Should I have gone on to Art 3 instead of being on the yearbook staff?
Does anyone think my mom should want to keep these precious gems at her house?
Is it really that hard to learn the guitar?


Jenni said...

No you shouldn't have taken Art 3 instead of Year Book! We had good times in Year Book and that's priceless. My mom made me clean out my old room too. I guess now that we are close to 30 we have to fully move out. Boo!

Anonymous said...

I just heard a giant "THANKS" for allowing you to take your relics to your own house. It was hard, but it had to be done. By the way, there is a pile of hangup clothes that I forgot to show you including a bridesmaid dress or two. I am pretty sure I won't be needing that, or that I could get into it if I tried.

Salt said...

I think you were fabulously talented in 10th grade. LOVE the butterfly. :)

Shana said...

We also have a guitar that neither of us knows how to play. It sits in the living room, collecting dust, and when people come over they always play the guitar? And we have to say no. Because we are lame.

I like your butter-fly. I can see my 10th grade self thinking that was so deep and meaningful. The wings are really pretty, but I'm sure yearbook was a much better use of your time. Like Jenni said...those memories are priceless.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the butterfly made of butter!

Mo Young said...

I think u should frame the pic of the house and give it to the folks for Christmas. And I think u and b should take a couples guitar lesson. I'm expecting a duet presentation my next trip to the boro!