Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giant Foot Card and Cupcakes for L-Fab...

As I mentioned the other day, I stubbed my toe. It still hurts. However, my sister has suffered worse toe troubles this week. I'm still not exactly sure what they did to her but she had toe surgery this week on both her feet. (It had something to do with her toes being slanted or crooked or something. I can't pay attention when people start talking about blood and IVs and incisions.) She has to wear two walking casts for a couple weeks. So I guess I can't really complain about my stubbed toe anymore.
Since I was working from home today, I decided to multi-task and bake her some cupcakes. I also made her this giant foot card. B came up with the slogan. I can't take credit for that. He is a genius. PS-The foot says 'love' because L-Fab actually has that tattooed on her foot.So we went to visit her to lift her spirits and take her the cupcakes. I made two kinds...s'more cupcakes and Reese's cup cupcakes. I used a box chocolate cake mix for the base. For the s'mores ones I swirled some marshmallow fluff stuff in to the batter and then stuck a clump of it in the cupcake once I poured the batter in to the cupcake tin. I put graham crackers in the batter for some of them. I made a marshmallow frosting out of butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and marshmallow fluff. I just was not a big fan of it. Next time I think I'd just go for a vanilla frosting with graham crackers in it and maybe a melted marshmallow somewhere on the cupcake. I did however, think they looked cute. Look at the little Hershey bar.
I liked the Reese's cup ones better. For that I just put pieces of Reese's cups in to the batter. Then I made a peanut butter frosting with peanut butter, butter, powdered sugar and a little milk.  Not as cute but pretty tasty.
So I hope L-Fab likes my cupcakes and foot card.
Have you ever had toe surgery?
Do you like my Foot Card?
What kind of cupcakes would you make if you were on Cupcake Wars? 


Unknown said...

You are such a good sister! aww! love the card and cupcakes!
Yes! I totally had sort-of toe surgery (but not the kind she had). I broke my pinky baby right toe almost 2 years ago getting gavin a bottle of milk in the middle of the night. I was out of town and totally tripped over my suitcase which was laying in the middle of the floor. I knew it was broken the second I hit the suitcase. I had to drive 5 hrs home the next day and was like wow this really really hurts. I should have gone to urgent care, but I went to my reuglar dr. because idk. seemed like a good plan. well they sent me to the ER! I had to get x-rays and crazyness. anyhow they said it was fractured, broken, dislocated, all this creepyness meaning like no more open toe shoes ever. yeah so i went back to my dr who gave me a numbing shot but had to 'set' my baby toe (not much to hold on to) and yeah... that's all the details I'll go into, but it hurt and I made him quit. so it's sort-of okay now but not. I got a $500 hospital bill because apparently there was some deductable I hadn't met so i call it my $500 toe. bad times.

Jenni said...

Smores and chocolate w/ peanut butter are my favorite things ever! Maybe I should have toe surgery to get these cupcakes? Hope LFab's toes get better soon!

Salt said...

Mmmmm cupcakes make everything better.
I love your foot card. Very creative and I'm sure she loved it too. I hope her toes heal up soon!

I've had surgery on both my legs, but not my toes. :)

MariahSmile said...

I wish someone would make me cupcakes! I'm actually in the mood to make them myself so we'll see how that goes sometime soon! Hope your sister's toes are better soon!

Mo Young said...

What a good sister!!! Get well soon Leigh! And the cupcakes look delish - I am 200% sure I would never even make the first cut on cupcake wars - which is prolly good for the masses.

And all I took away from Leah's post is that kids can physically hurt u. That does not sound awesome. I'll stick to cupcakes :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh that sucks about both of her feet! The cupcakes look great!

Emily said...

Yum!!! Your smores cupcake looks like it belongs in a bakery (no offense to the Reese's one). Have you tried using buttermilk with the cake mixes yet?