Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 OIB Beach Olympics

The 2010 OIB Beach Olympics consisted of Bocce Ball, Corn Hole (or Bean bag toss), and  Ladder Ball. But really who cares about the games?*** I care about the costume/uniforms. Due to time constraints, I had to go with my old standby…the Puffy paint t-shirt. You can always get a t-shirt at Michael’s for less than $4. And puffy paint is not too expensive either. So I went with our wedding colors, purple and green. B loves wearing a nice purple shirt every now and then (as long as it’s not lavender).  I accidentally misspelled our name on B's shirt though.  Oops.
The McRosen’s really pulled out all the stops with their customized blue and yellow T’s purchased at the mall.  Their T's even had numbers on that back like a real uniform. They also had wonderful accessories such as silly bands and bright yellow sunglasses. My accessories were sweatbands, not so much for their looks but because sweat was pouring down my face during bocce ball.  Team A-Corn could have benefited from some sweatbands or perhaps silly bands. Maybe next year they will step it up a notch.  I could barely see Beezus5's team (which went by multiple names during the weekend) due to their camouflaged shorts.  Plus her wolf shirt was really distracting me due to it's magical powers.

Please be advised that I do know how ridiculous and unattractive I look in the above photo.  I'm taking one for the team.
Team Jellisen (aka my team) ended up taking the overall crown this year.  But team A-Corn had a strong finish and won the Ladder Ball round which is pretty much the most important Beach Game of all (well at least it's the game that started it all).  We'll get you guys next year.

Hobie won the rope bone and high jump competition.  He did not appreciate it when I made him wear my sweatband.  Clearly it looks much better on him than me, though.  Next year I think I'll go for a more glamorous look.
Have you ever heard of or played any of the above games or is ladder ball just something that my friends and I play?
Whose team uniforms do you like best (puffy paint purple w/sweat bands, brown, camo or customized blue and yellow McRosen t's)? 

****My husband, B really cares about the games.  A lot.  He gave me pep talks.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

We play corn hole and it's always so much fun!

Bonnie said...

Ahh, when i opened my eyes this morning, i felt a little sad because OIB 2010 was over. But then i realized that if i know JMJE, there would be an homage to us all on her blog, which would make me feel a little bit better. And I was right. I love the pics (you dont look unattractive (fellow L), though maybe a little ridiculous (I know, It matters to you)). I have decided that ladder ball is definitively my favorite game, and me and E's proudest moment was taking down Team Jellisen in the first round. I have never been cheered for more. Corn hole i could do without.

Jenni said...

Opposite from Bonnie Corn Hole was my favorite and ladder ball was probably my least favorite. I think we could have taken down team Jellisen in Corn Hole if I didn't finish that whole bottle of wine. Also it really takes talent to come in overall last place.

I'm already going to start working on my uniform for OIB Beach Olympics 2011. Thanks Jellisen for a great weekend!

Mo Young said...

Ladderball is always a hit - we played it at a wedding in ND last year - and we occassionally play it & corn hole in Vegas. I am not all to awesome at either tho. And I have to admit that while Team Jellisen has the benefit of having Hobie sporting a sweatband on their team ... and team Beezus&E was stealthy ... it appears the McRosens steped it up and had the best costume. Team A-Corn, apparently y'all need a red bull & a trip to Michaels to get in the spirit. But I am sure Team A-Corn dominiated in flip cup (extra curricular game?) and congrats on the Ladderball win!!! Cheers to all the teams for a successful OIB Beach Olympics!

L-FAB said...

hey gurl. you look really awesome in those pics. bring out a side of you i've never really seen before!

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Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I have played cornhole but none of the rest of them...beach olympics seem super fun! I think puffy paint is the best -- I was a sorority girl and nothing says "I'm awesome" like puffy painted stuff. Love the last picture -- could your dog hate you any more than he does right then? ;)

Gene said...

I have to say, it was very nice to see the Jellisens go down round 1 in Ladder Ball, to a sensational effort from the rookie on team Ernnie and a fierce crowd.... None-the less the true champs reigned in Ladder Ball two years in a row.

Team Acorn could definitely improve in costumes / flair, but Amanda did a nice job of 'bringing' and we are aiming for the Gold next year.

Anonymous said...

Yes we did flail on the costume but there was not much notice and we will bring it next year. As usual we took ladder ball but I was a little too tipsy to perform in corn hole. Can't wait until OIB beach olympics 2010 perhaps the youngs can make it out.

bmellisen said...

OIB Olympics was fun...the challengers finally started to step up during the ladderball event. But the most fun was family facebook.

L-Fabulous said...

i love family facebook. and 20 questions.

Anonymous said...

how you guys are having a great week-remember to put your change in the oib boat fund-I don't want to run out of years-love dad

MariahSmile said...

That is such a great idea to have shirts each year! I think I may steal it! And yes, I've played those games!