Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making Dinner on the Cheap...Baked Salmon with Feta and Tomatoes

I was going to write a post on how to make a really cheap dinner for four (based in part on recently spending all my money on a new AC) when my mom called me and asked if I wanted some extra salmon that she had.  Well what is cheaper than free food from your mom?  Nothing.

She even prepped it for me.  She put tomatoes and feta and olive oil on it and some seasonings too I think.  Her instructions were to cook it at 500 degree F on the bottom rack of the oven for a bit then switch it to the top rack for a bit until it was sizzling and looked cooked.  Uh that seemed hard.  But I did it.  Switching back from top to bottom a few time for about 18 minutes.  It was good.

So in the future I am going to do a series on cheap dinners.  What would you consider a cheap price for dinner for four?  Less than $10?  Less than $5?  And I'm not talking ramen noodles here.   Something with meat or a least a significant vegetarian meal.  I watch Money Saving Meals sometimes with Sandra Lee on the Food Network and it has inspired me.

Do you live close to your mom?
Does she ever offer you free food?
What's your favorite cheap meal?


Jenni said...

That fish looks good and I don't even like Feta really.

I would say if you were doing a meal for 4 then less than $10 would be really good.

Salt said...

I love salmon. I love feta. This seems like the perfect thing for me to eat.
I wish I lived anywhere near my mom, but I don't. She's like 8 hours away. But when I visit here there is TONS of free food to be had.

Shana said...

I don't like Feta, but that fish looks so good. And how nice was it that your mom prepped it for you. My mother doesn't cook. But she will take me out to dinner anytime I want. And she orders in like nobody's business.

bmellisen said...

Umm, you dont ever really make dinner for 4. You make dinner for you, and then I eat the other three portions. I think you should challenge yourself to hosting a get together and trying to serve a bunch of friends on the cheap. Doesnt have to be dinner, just has to be awesome. I will promise to make hilariously bad puns like the dude on Cupcake Wars. Challenge!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love when my mom makes me food! I think it taste better because I know it was free!

Mo Young said...

Now that looks good. And no, don't live close to Jane ... so no free food coming my way! And a meal for four for under $10 would be impressive! Gl - can't wait to see what you find.

$hanzie said...

that looks so good. i want to make this this weekend.

Leesh said...

I eat salmon a lot and now, you have given me a new way to bake it. Tomatoes + Feta = Yum!!

My mom just moved to California and I live in Toronto. When she did live in the same city, she lived close by and we would always go over to her place to eat. She would also bring food over to our house. It's the best huh?

My favorite cheap meal is homemade mac and cheese.