Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Shower Cookies

I was going to use my fancy cookie press to make cookies for my college roomie's baby shower.  But instead I was perusing my local Sur La Table and found these cookie cutters in the shape of bottles and baby carriages.  So I decided to get those instead.

My first round of cookies came out looking a little like blobs instead of baby bottles or carriages.  But once I used my fast drying cookie icing they started to look a little more like bottles.  The carriages never really looked like carriages so I just decided to focus on the bottles.  Obviously I'm not the best at cookie decoration but they came out pretty good.  I mean, people could at least tell what they were.

There was also a tasty cake and a bunch of other food that we made.  Overall it was a good time.  I'm not good at baby games though.  We had to smell baby foods and write down what we thought it was.  I wrote down pears when it was actually green beans.  And I put down apricots when it was actually carrots.  Oh well.  I'm excited to meet Baby Wunka!

I participated in the group gift (see above) which was something called a Pack n' Play.  But I also bought her a book, Goodnight Moon.  I remember it from when I was a kid.  My other top choices were The Little Engine that Could, The Giving Tree and Are You My Mother.

Can you tell that those cookies are supposed to be bottles?
Do you know what a Pack N' Play is?
Do you know what baby green beans smell like?
What's your favorite children's book?


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those cookies are so cute!!!

Jenni said...

The cookies looked like bottles and tasted good. I do know what a Pack N' Play is I mean I was the baby expert at the party even though I don't have any babies myself. As baby expert I do know what baby green beans are and I have a candle to prove it (since I won that game).

Goodnight Moon is a classic I'm sure baby Wunker will love it!

Salt said...

I think your bottle cookies look fabulous! Nice job! You are far better with cookie icing than I am.

Pack n' Plays are a great present (yes I know what it is!)

My favorite book was always Where The Wild Things Are. :)

$hanzie said...

i Loved are you my mother... good book. I also loved this book about a kangaroo and some kid that stays home from school because he is sick... i can't remember the name.
i do know what a pack n'play is, but don't you mean "baby cage"?

bmellisen said...

It was a little awkward when you were reading me Goodnight Moon in the kids section at Barnes and Nobles friday night, but that was a pretty good book.

Emily said...

I like the cookies!! Good job!

Mo Young said...

So I am belated in my commenting ... but those cookies are freakin' adorable! Tres cute JMJE. Nice work. And I do actually know what a pack-n-play is ... baby cage! Clearly that's a must for any parent.

But congrats to Jenni for winning the baby food smelling game ... it sounds gross ... I prolly would have failed miserably. However, I'm okay with that :)

Baby Wunka has lots of wonderful "aunts" to love on her tho! What a nice day.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I love those cookies!! I can never figure out how to make the that on another one of your posts??

I only just nwo know what a pack n play is :) it's what my son will be living in for the first few wks of his life.