Monday, January 24, 2011

Bridal Shower Decor by MoYo (rhymes with Fro-yo)...

Remember my friend Morgan from such events as the A-Corn bridal shower and the Las Vegas bachelorette party?  She's also the person who presented my with the best hair accessory ever.  Well this weekend she was back in town displaying more of her wonderful and unique bridal shower planning.  Mo's sister is getting married in a couple months and this weekend was her bridal shower.

Mo showed up at my house once again with her giant suitcase in tow.  But this time it wasn't filled with clothes, it was filled with bridal shower decor for her sister.  The theme of her sister's bridal shower was "A Night Out or In" so people gave her gifts such as movie/restaurant gift cards, a picnic basket, etc.  The gifts were basically stuff for her and her future hubby to do together.  So Mo decided to make each table a different theme based on something that the bride and groom enjoy doing together.  I was amazed when she pulled these out of her suitcase.

She used photos, stickers and greeting cards to make these.  They were even cuter in person and really unique.  I heard they were a hit at the shower and her sister claims she's going to display them in her house. 

She also did tons of other planning, including games and prizes.  She always goes all out for events.  You know it's going to be awesome if Mo's involved.  Here are favors she put together.  They were little bags with fortune cookies (aka a night in with take-out) and little tea infusers (it was also a tea party).  These were also really cute.

I think she did a really good job.

What's the most unique thing you've seen at a bridal shower?
Do you want Mo to plan your next party?


Shana said...

Love the idea of giving the bride and groom "experiences" instead of stuff. That's what my mom and I did at my sister-in-law's shower. It was a big hit.

I think I need to hire Mo to plan my bridal shower...because, as much as I love my friends, they are no where near this creative and this sounds like an awesome party.

bmellisen said...

Always a fun time when MoYo is is town, because that means we will for sure be going to Winestyles.

Mo Young said...

Hahahaha! Okay, of course LOVE my shout out! Shout out to my favorite sister Lisa too! And I do love y'alls number one hang out in the 'boro - Winestyles :) All in all, reading this blog = the best few minutes of my day so far!!

Unknown said...

omg this is the most amazing bridal shower idea eeevvvveeeerrrrrrr! yes I want Mo to plan my every kind of party... and I'm an event planner for my real job! so that's a huge complement hahaah :)

the most unique thing i've seen at a bridal shower was um.... ok i'm drawing a blank. either i don't go to a lot or everyone I know is super dull hahah

Hutch said...

I Love this idea! Any way to differentiate the shower from the 500 million others that most have attended is fantastic!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that idea!!

Salt said...

I think Mo did a FANTASTIC idea! If I wasn't already married, I'd hire her.
Most of the showers I've been to have been pretty standard.