Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day.....

Sometimes working for a University sucks.....budget cuts, no raises, hiring freezes, robberies (yeah we have had like 2 in the past couple years).  Sometimes it's awesome, like today when we get a SNOW DAY (you can't expect all those college kids to make it to class in the snow/ice).  While my other friends are trying to figure out how to get to work, I'm just chillaxing at home with Hobie and B (whose work trip to Atlanta has been postponed due to the cancellation of all his co-workers' flights). 

Plus I get to wear my favorite snow outfit (which I wore 75% of Christmas Break)...old jeans, Uggs, a Hoodie, and a handmade scarf.
So now I'm going to go ahead and get the slow cooker back out and make some Eazy Peazy BBQ chicken.  If you are snowed in, I recommend that you do the same.

What's your favorite thing to do on a snow day?
What's your favorite cold weather meal to make?


Elle Sees said...

1--watch movies
2--chilli, but this time it was beef burgandy!

Hutch said...

As an alum of Syracuse (usually avgs highest snowfall in the US) it cracks me up what constitutes a snow day everywhere else in the US. We could get many feet of snow and have ice storms where I could die from ice piercing my eyeball just by stepping outside and class would never, ever, EVER be canceled. 9/11 was the one day where the school shut down.

Fave cold weather meal: Oven (grilled) cheese sandwich and creamy tomato soup!

Jenni said...

Oh that chicken looks good. I guess I need to go have some chicken broth.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Enjoy your snow day!!!

Mo Young said...

Hobie the snow dog is awesome!

Um, favorite thing to do is take a walk about ... I just like to see everything covered in snow. I did this when it snowed in Vegas a few years ago.

Favorite snow food, hmm, when we're skiing/boarding I love noodles. It's the only time I ever actually enjoy eating noodles - soups, spaghetti, lasagna.

bmellisen said...

I enjoy when we go test the streets by getting coffee. I also really enjoy people who say "I am fine with driving in the snow, its the other people I worry about." FYI, it is you that is the bad driver. And noone drives well on ice, safety first.

Bonnie said...

Today has been my third snow day and i have another tomorrow. I win. The only job thats better for snow days than a university is a school in a county with little to no snow plows and a bunch of rural students. But I AM going a little crazy now. My favorite snow day activity is drinking hot beverages while reading a book all day. Check.