Friday, June 3, 2011

Gwyneth Teaches me to Make Salsa and Other Beach Things....

It's been 90 degrees all week and I feel as though it's officially summer so let's talk about my last beach trip.

Last weekend I went to the beach with my parents and I coerced my mom into attempting a recipe from Bon Appetit.   I bought a year long subscription to Bon Appetit for $4 a few months ago that I learned about from Hip2Save, a cool couponing/saving website.  My first issue arrived last week and it had Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover.  Apparently she has written a new cookbook.  She is taking multi-tasking to a new level. 

We decided to make Grilled Halibut with Mango Avocado Salsa.  We pretty much dropped the ball on the fish as we decided to bake it instead of grill it and also to get some cod instead of all halibut.  So the fish was not my fave.  But the salsa was awesome.  I loved it.  I was a little worried about the mango but apparently we ended up getting one that was perfectly ripe and sweet.  The sweetness of the mango was good mixed with the other veggies and such.  Seriously, it was good.  I ate a bunch of the leftover salsa the next day on some chips.  I think the fish would have been much better if we grilled it.  I also added a few onions to the salsa the next day when I used it on chips.  It was delightful and a great summer dish.

So in conclusion, I trust Gwyneth with my food needs. 

Now here are some pictures.....

Hobie, I'm sorry for showing you in all your glory.
Good Salsa!
Hobie's favorite beach activity=staring out the window
in the car.


sara said...

Fresh salsa and the beach...sounds perfect

Jenni said...

Hobie does not look happy about that 1st picture. Just make sure when he brings home his first lady dog friend that you don't show it to her. How embarrassing!

fojoy said...

Mango avocado salsa sounds yum-a-doo!
I'll have to get Wilzie to try that ;)

$hanzie said...

I make peach salsa a lot (recipe from Southern Living last summer) but about a month ago, the peaches did not look so hot so I made mango salsa and put it on everything for about a week (chicken, fish, crab cakes, and I just had some of it with chips). Also, as for Mrs. Chris Martin.... she was super promoting her cook book and her stint on Glee and talking about her budding music career and it became too much for me. I need a Gwyneth break.

Hutch said...

How cute is Hobie?!?! I want one of those!

Mango salsa is delish, goes really well with chicken quesadillas as well.

Meghan said...

It looks and sounds amazing!!! Hope you enjoy the weekend!