Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Latest In T-Shirt Making...Vegas Style

When we decided to go to Vegas, I was obviously put in charge of T-shirt design.  I thought tank tops would be more Vegas-y and good to wear to the pool, so I picked up a few cheap ones from Old Navy.

When I lived with Mo back in college, she had a copy of a poem that her mom wrote called 'Lucky Sevens'.  It was about Mo, who was born on 7/7.  It was kind of an inside joke after that.  (There was also an interesting poem about a tootsie roll pop in there.)  So I thought that would be a a good slogan for the shirts.

I have tried to make my own stencils before without much success but I came up with a new idea that I thought might work.   I decided to cut the stencil out of contact paper so I could stick it directly on the shirt.
Here's what I did.....
1-Print out a Word Document in the size and font you like of whatever you want to go on the shirt.  I printed out a page that said Lucky 7's.
2-Tape contact paper over the paper with the word doc on it.
3-Tape this to cardboard and then cut out your stencil with an Exacto knife by tracing/cutting over the word doc/contact paper.  (The cardboard keeps you from cutting in to a table or something.)
4-Stick the stencil directly on the shirt and paint it.  I used a stencil paint brush (which you can get at Michaels, a normal brush would probably work too) and fabric paint.  I think I'm going to try spray fabric paint at some point.
5-Peel off the contact paper and you should have a nice design/word on your t-shirt.

Do these instructions make sense?  No, probably not.  But you should do it anyways.  Give it your all.

If so, you will end up with this wonderful set of personalized tank tops (which we did actually wear to the pool)...
And here is a photo of us looking slightly more fashionable later on...

Yay Vegas!
And that concludes my Vegas posts.  B5 you can come back to reading my blog now.


Jenni said...

Excellent choice on the Old Navy ribbed tanks. I think the shirts came out great!

Hutch said...

But what do you paint with?

Anonymous said...

awesomest tank i own

bmellisen said...

I am glad you have begun to put cardboard down under your craft projects. Our furniture thanks you for it. Also, Matt and I were more than a little disappointed that we didnt receive any Lucky 7's tank tops.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Totally cute -- dressed up AND in the tanks.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's pretty clever! I like them. It looks like something you could just buy!