Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cheap and Easy Holiday DIY Decor, Hot Chocolate on a Spoon, and Hobie Clause...

Here are some of the random cheap ideas I have used to decorate my house so far this holiday season...

I bought these red picture frames awhile back at Michaels for another craft project that did not go well.  Then I bought some pretty holiday themed paper and framed some of it.  Michaels has tons of pretty holiday paper.  I bought a whole booklet of it for 40% off that I plan to use for other projects.

I made these candle holders last year by mod podging strips of tissue paper to the outside of small glass candle holders.

I bought this large vase on sale and filled it with ornaments I got from the Dollar Tree.
I'm still working on my holiday mantel decor but I will post that when I'm done. I know you can't wait to see it.

Now it's time for the delicious hot beverage portion of this post.  While I was in Indiana for Thanksgiving, I hit up my favorite chocolate store, Debrands.  We picked up a couple Hot Chocolates on a spoon.  You stick the spoon in a mug and then pour hot milk over it.  It was a nice tree decorating treat last night.

While we were decorating the tree, Hobie Clause made a brief appearance before ripping his hat off in disgust.
He hates it, but look how cute he is.

Have you done any holiday decorating?
Have you ever had Hot Chocolate on a spoon?


Jenni said...

OMG poor Hobie but he's adorable.

Mo Young said...

Hobie Clause = adorable! Perhaps if the balls were made of cheese he'd like the costume. And nice use of random stuff on hand + less-expensive Xmas products to make your decor. Lovely! We have a tree up ... and no, never had hot chocolate on a spoon. Lovely tho!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I must find one of those spoons!! Hobie is too cute!