Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Pintered-3 Easy Meals

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I have been using Pinterest for awhile and I love Pinning stuff to my boards.  This past weekend I decided it was time to turn my pins into a reality again.  So I made a few recipes that I had pinned.

Let's start with the healthy one.  I love What's Gaby Cooking and she had a delightful looking raw kale salad on there the other day.  Raw kale scares me a little but I trust Gaby, plus it looked insanely healthy.  So I went for it. 
My Raw Kale Salad...
Results-I think I did a good job following the recipe and I loved the flavor of the lemon vinaigrette but I'm just not a huge fan of the raw kale.  I prefer my kale cooked down.  But yeah, I still think eating this benefited my body somewhat.

2 Ingredient French Dip.
Ok I didn't exactly follow this recipe.  I was looking for easy slow cooker recipes that weren't chicken and I found this 2 ingredient recipe at Six Sister's Stuff .  There recipe called for a beef roast and beef consomme but I couldn't find consomme.  So I bought a beef roast and cooked it in the slow cooker for 8 hours on low with a box of beef stock and a packet of onion soup mix.
I also added cheese to the sandwich and a side of the au jus made from the juice/broth that was left in the bottom of the slow cooker.  Both my husband and I really enjoyed this although I think it's on the high sodium side (but it's ok, we ate kale the day before).

Last but not least, I made these Slow Cooker Pork Chops (ok I actually made these first but whatever).  Again this recipe was really simple.....pork chops, cream of chicken soup and a ranch dressing mix packet.
I like the flavor of this (I used cream of celery soup instead) and I think it would have turned out slightly better if I cooked it a little less.  I used less pork chops than the original recipe called for.  (I also used frozen mashed potatoes instead of making my own garlic ones like the recipe suggests.)  But overall it was good and far easier than trying to grill a pork chop.

In conclusion, Pinterest is cool.  These recipes were easy (especially the last too).  And if you want to feel healthy, eat a bunch of raw kale.  Not only is it good for you but I think you burn extra calories by chewing on the kale for so long. 

What have you pintered for dinner lately?

Oh and let me know if you Pinter so I can follow you.  You can click on the big P at the top to go to my Pinterest and see all these recipes (and a bunch of other stuff I have pinned).

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Hutch said...

I'm still afraid to try Kale. I'm not the biggest fan of cooked spinach (has to be majorly flavored with garlic shallots or onions) so I just don't know if this is right for me.

Jenni said...

Those pork chops look good.

robyn said...

I am not a fan of kale, so I commend you on eating a whole salad of it.
I really need to get a slow cooker! There are so many recipes (on Pinterest) that call for a slow cooker and it would eliminate my frenzied kitchen time after work.
I made chicken marsala last night that I had Pintered - and it was delicious.

Bonnie said...

i need to figure out some vegetarian slow cooker stuff. It seems like we eat too many beans. Also, new internet verbs are funny. Pinter

Anonymous said...

I thought you made up those dinner ideas all on your own. Oh well, they were still good. I finished all of my kale salad, and I feel healthier and my skin is just glowing, glowing i tell you. But I like the sandwich and pork chops better. b

Kallay said...

I'm so addicted to Pinterest, it's ridiculous.

That french dip looks delicious! It's my favorite sandwich, so I'm always looking for good recipes. Thanks for this!