Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Recap Part Deux-There's Been Another Murder and My 'Boyfriend' Turns 32!

Some of my friends and I planned a low-key dinner party for New Year's Eve (since a few of our friends were out of town and another one of them was 8 months pregnant aka probably not into club/bar hopping).  Then we decided that might be a little boring so we turned it in to another Murder Mystery Party.  You might remember the first one from here.  As long as you can get a group of people together who are willing to participate and dress up it can be a fun/entertaining night.  I purchased our Murder Mystery kit online at Night of Mystery.

So More Holiday Awards.....

Best Hostess-Mrs. Acorn-She entertained.  We will just leave it at that.

Best Sport-Our sweet pregnant friend Beezus5 who was dressed quite fashionable as a teen starlet even though she is 8 months pregnant.  Although she had to wear flip flops due to ankle swellage, she did somehow manage to have the best looking hair of any of the girls.  (No offense to anyone else's wonderful hair.  I myself was rocking a bumpit).

The bumpit is always appropriate.

Best Dance Partner-Curly T refused to let B dance alone in the corner the whole night.

Best Dressed-Everyone, especially the boys.  I wasn't quit sure all the boys would be in to dressing up since most of the male roles were former boy band members or rappers.  But everyone really brought it especially with their faux jewels and berets.  We forgot to take a big group picture so these will have to do.

Most Likely to be Super Late but Actually Showed up Semi-On Time-Shanzles!  Yay, way to go!

Best Champagne Bar-B, for actually looking up champagne cocktails, printing out the recipes and buying all the ingredients.
Best Dessert-ME!  For purchasing this lovely Raspberry Lemon Cake for my New Year's Day birthday boy.  We ate it right after midnight on his actual birthday.

And and just FYI, I won the best acting award for my amazing range of fake accents.  Yeah, go me.

My husband's birthday is on New Year's Day so I think I should also win the Best Birthday Celebrator Award by making sure he drank some water on New Year's Eve before bed so that he'd feel well enough to golf on his birthday.  Success.  I also took him out for a nice January 2nd birthday dinner since many places are closed on New Year's Day.

What did you do for New Year's Eve?


Unknown said...

awesome nye!!!!! and that's the best ever your hubs printed out recipes for the drink mixing. love the be your own bartender idea! happy bday to him too, and that cake is gorgeous! I love it when the bakery can do a fancy font really well!

robyn said...

That looked like so much fun!
I have never done a murder mystery, but have wanted to even since they did one on the Office.

Mo Young said...

Again, way to give props where props are due - love the awards! And I do like the commitment via costumes, esp the men folks. Good way to ring in the New Year! ps, that cake is stunning.

Bonnie said...

A good time was had by all, but SOME people had a REALLY good time. And then a terrible time the next day. Another awesome party event. Way to go.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like you had a wonderful New Years! That cake looks great!