Thursday, February 16, 2012

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

I thought it would be fun for B and I to exchange homemade Valentine's Day cards this year.  He seemed excited thrilled cool with participating.

He went for beauty, color and animal humor.  Bonus-It's 3 dimensional.  I give it an A+....
I went for sentiment, humor and something that didn't involve glue.  I give myself a B- because it's not as pretty as I was hoping and it makes you kind of dizzy when you try to read it.  (It's a bunch of inside joke quotes from our hilarious times together.)  (PS-Morgan, it was inspired by that thank you card you sent us for coming to Vegas.)

They look so lovely on the mantel together.

And of course I had to make my new baby friend, KMU a First Valentine Ever card.  I emailed her one of my Microsoft Paint specialties.  Her mom said she loved it.
Did you give or receive any handmade Valentine's?


Unknown said...

Homemade valentine's day cards are SOOOO The Best Ever! I'm a super huge fan of making them on shutterfly. This year because Gav's writing skills are getting pretty awesome I had him write cards to all the fam & friends. Totally a score on that one. I love receiving them too! So special :)

Anonymous said...

Its a pop-up! Totally awesome that we have a hilarious and memorable inside joke every couple weeks. Second shoutout to MoYo for the We Made Fudge. Obviously it was our favorite inside joke since it is the largest on the card. B

Bonnie said...

I really like all the cute animals on brandons card. My homemade card turned out well, i realized i had to stamp the foot instead of the hand. It was very easy once i made this simple modification

Mo Young said...

We made fudge!! Um, perfect comment for a VDaycard. And I'm quite impressed with y'alls craftiness. I bought my card. However, it's a step up from my hubbie who neither bought nor made me a card. So B gets brownie points. Belated VDay cheers!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that you guys made your own cards!! I made some this year as well and sent out and people seemed to like the personal touch!