Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Pintered and I Failed....Wall Art Take 2

I saw this on Pinterest and I thought it was cool and neat and awesome.  So I decided to attempt to make one.
original pic from here
pinterest link here
So I made a smaller version with different colors.  I hate mine.  There are just too many things wrong with it.  The colors.  Too much white.  Too much of a contrast.  Too much brown.  The zigzag lines are too big.  They bled through.  Basically I just hate it.  Luckily acrylic paint is cheap as were the canvases I bought, so I will probably just paint over it.

I made this male model I found in my living room pose with the art to make it more exciting and to distract from the actual "art work".

I also made this one.  I don't hate it as much but I'm not in love with it.  Also the squares at the bottom being smaller than the other squares will slowly and steadily annoy me over time until I go crazy most likely.
Maybe abstract art is just not my thing.

Any ideas for cheap DIY wall art?


Unknown said...

neither one looks awful, but I can see how you'd get sick of them super fast. Do you have a guest room? I can see these being sort of like a contemporary hotel room art look?

Jenni said...

Well it was probably time for a new Making Stuff is Hard post anyway... :)

Anonymous said...

With such a good looking male model, people probebly arent going to pay much attention to the artwork.

Bonnie said...

take portlandia's advice. Put a bird on it.

Mo Young said...

Okay, so they aren't bad! You get an A for effort. Besides, that male model seems intrigued. Good luck! Oh, good luck with your future artistic endeavors, not the male model.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I don't think they turned out that bad at all!