Monday, March 5, 2012


I have had a couple busy weekends and I kept forgetting to upload the photos so my blogging has been slack lately.  I will give you a recap in pictures.

What happens when someone randomly asks you if you have read the Harry Potter books?  In some cases it means you get volunteered to dress up as a Wizard to teach spells at a kid's birthday party.  That is what happened to B a few weeks ago.  I was extremely nervous about this but B ended up being amazing and the kids really like him.  He was quick on his feet and a great improviser.  I am now his booking agent if anyone is in the market for some children's bday party entertainment.

It was Shanzles big 31st birthday a week ago so I made her these cupcakes in the shape of an 'S' (sort of).
Cupcakes are cool.  But you know what people are really in to?  Ice cream sundae bars.  For real.  Put out some ice cream, chocolate sauce, cherries and of course whipped cream and people get excited.
See that excitement.
My friend Rachel flew in from New York to meet Beezus5's new baby.  KMU actually met a lot of new people at Shanzles' birthday party.
I'm thinking of writing the pilot for a new buddy sitcom...'2 Men, a Poodle and a Baby'.  Yeah?  Would you watch?
This past weekend I spent a lot of time making these guys and listening to some hot pop music on my iPad.

So that was my past few weekends. 
Did you do anything exciting?


$hanzie said...

I really was excited over the ice cream bar... I am glad you have photo evidence of it. And thank you for once again hosting my birthday par-tay!

Anonymous said...

Once I get my rates situated i will let everyone know how much it costs to hire a fully trained wizard for an hour. Ice cream bars are the rage, there are like 10 fro-yo places in town now.

Mo Young said...

Ahhh, this blog had it all. I laughed - B wizarding at kid parties!?! I was confused - I don't see an "S" in Shanzie's cupcakes, although they look yummy. I caught baby fever looking at KMU - KIDDING!!! And I felt lazy - after seeing all those wine charms you've been pounding out. Lovely weekend update!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ice cream bar?!?! heck yes!!!! I love all of those charms you made!