Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinteresting-The Craft Version and The Pinterest Challenge

Update-I originally posted this a few weeks ago but I'm re-posting it today for the Young House Love/Bower Power Pinterest Challenge. 
A few weeks ago I decided to 'pinter' some art work.  I made this picture one night while my husband was watching some sort of sport downstairs.  He never even saw me in action.
I got the idea for this from hereHere is where I pinned it.  Essentially you just paint or draw branches with brown marker or paint and then paint circles on the branches as leaves.  I used some old acrylic paint I had lying around.
I was not 100% happy with this when I finished.  Once I put it in the frame, I liked it better (fun fact-you can make most bad art look decent by framing it).  I like how it looks from far away but not so much from up close.  Fortunately, I usually only look at it from far away.  So for now, it's a keeper.  I can always re-frame something else when I get sick of it.

The second thing I made didn't come from a specific pin.  I had seen a lot of people use paint sample chips (cards from Lowe's, Home Depot) to make art work.  So I thought I'd give it a try.  After some trial and error I went with these hearts in varying shades of blue which I taped onto a piece of white paper.  Then I framed them in this dollar store frame. 
So if I end up hating it in a few weeks there will be no big monetary loss.  (Free paint chips+ $1 frame=$1).

Here's how it looks all together.
Have you pintered any art for your house?

UPDATE 2-So I'm actually still liking my tree painting.  It's growing on me, so I think it will stay up there for awhile.  Now I need to re-pinter some art for the basement since my first attempt was a failure.  You can check that one out here.


Unknown said...

hahaah love the last pic!
at the moment, no I haven't pintered any art, but I want to! Just not 100% sure where it would go.

Bonnie said...

where did you get a frame for 1 dollar? plus its matted. reveal the truth.

robyn said...

Love the inclusion of Ron Swanson!
I have been looking at all the possible artwork on Pinterest...I just need to get up the nerve (I'm not very arty...). But yours turned out great!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the hearts! Too cute!

Shana said...

I love both pictures. I am going to be setting up a new craft room this week in an empty bedroom and I plan to start doing lots of Pinterest projects.

Erin Elizabeth said...

I pinned both your lovely pictures also, but have not attempted them. I'm digging the Ron Swanson reference, he's my favorite character on P&R.

Mo Young said...

Big fan of both! And perhaps you just need to frame your failed art attempt from a few weeks ago ... all it may need is a frame!